People Reminded To Stay Safe When Using Public Spaces

People Reminded To Stay Safe When Using Public Spaces
Reminded To Stay Safe When Using Public Spaces

New messaging reminding to remain safe and follow social distancing measures is appearing in public spaces.

The government has outlined a plan that, if certain conditions are met, would see the gradual easing of lockdown measures over the coming months.

In response to this, has rolled out messaging that will encourage to continue to follow public advice and social distancing guidelines in response to coronavirus.

The messaging is initially appearing in the city centre before being rolled out in other areas across the city.

Thousands of litres of water is also being flushed through parts of the city centre as part of a programme to cleanse the streets of Hull, which includes disinfectant being sprayed on shop fronts and street furniture in Queen Victoria Square and Jameson Street.

Councillor Daren Hale, the portfolio holder for economic investment and regeneration, said:

“It is vitally important that in response to any easing of measures we continue to encourage and remind of the need to remain vigilant and respect public advice.

“With more workers now being encouraged to go back to work and the relaxation of some lockdown measures, such as the public no longer being limited to one period of daily exercise, it’s important that our public spaces are safe for those using them.

“It is vital that, as a local authority, we are alert and ready to respond to any easing of measures or changes in government messages, to ensure that we can keep our residents and city safe.”

The messaging is the start of a wider effort, working in collaboration with businesses and organisations such as Hull BID, that will ensure that there is clear guidance for the public when visiting public spaces and using businesses that are able to operate in line with government regulations.

New signage and messaging are also appearing in Trinity Market, which also now has a one-way system in place, as part of extra safety measures that have been adopted following the Government’s announcement last week.

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