Changes Will Help Keep The Country Supply Chain Moving Says MP

Changes Will Help Keep The Country Supply Chain Moving Says MP
Changes Will Help Keep The Country Supply Chain Moving Says MP

has welcomed changes made by the that will help keep the countries supply chains moving.

His comments come after they confirmed that drives of buses and lorries licence renewal will be suspended as a result of the pandemic.

Commenting on the news Mr Stuart said he was pleased the Government had listened, acted quickly and made the changes.

He said;

“Bus and lorry drivers play an absolutely crucial role in what are difficult circumstances. Working to deliver critical goods around the country, as well as also getting key workers wherever they need to be.”

“The changes will also reduce pressures on NHS staff as they will no longer have to worry about delivering medicals.”

“Not only would it distract them from their incredible work fighting coronavirus on the frontlines, but it would also lead to more contact between people, increasing the risk of spreading the disease.”

“I’m pleased that the Government has listened to this and made the changes so quickly.”

Country Supply Chain Aided By New Measures 

Mr Stuart made representations made to the government department after being contacted by constituents affected by the difficulties.

They highlighted issues faced when trying to secure a medical exam due to the current pressures on frontline doctors and nurses.

Under the scheme, bus and lorry drivers whose licence is due to expire this year, or has already expired since 1 January, will be able to apply for a temporary 1-year licence.

They will be able to make this application without the need for a medical. However, drivers will still need to submit a completed D4 medical form when the licence is next due for renewal.

Drivers will also still be required to declare any medical conditions. Those with conditions which affect their driving will not have their licence renewed.

The Government had previously temporarily relaxed delivery rules throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

This was to help cope with the increased demand for supermarket goods. While it was also to make it easier and faster to deliver essential supplies like personal protective equipment (PPE).

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