COVID-19 : Local Pubs Call For Community To Support Them

COVID-19 : Local Pubs Call For Community To Support Them
: Local Pubs Call For Community To Support Them

Local pubs in are urging the community to support them. They were dealt a real blow by the government in their latest briefing.

Landlords were left in dismay after the PM called for the public to avoid Pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants due to the Pandemic.

Pubs in have already been stepping up their measures to help combat the spread of Coronavirus. Many have increased their cleaning programme regularly sanitising surfaces and door handles.

They are also ensuring there is plenty of soap so customers using the venue can wash their hands, advice issues by the NHS.

Speaking to .net  Allen Slinger, Landlord at the said;

“I want to know that our door is still open. We know are scared and we understand if you don’t feel well you don’t want to come out.”

“But if you feel ok please come and support all of us. can use contactless and we are also working hard to make it as clean and safe as we possibly can.”

Mr Slinger was expecting what would be one of his busiest weekends as it is Mothering Sunday. However, the spread of Coronavirus and the announcement by the government is having an impact.

He said;

“Like many venues, we are experiencing some cancellations, I would like to urge who are looking to go out to ring around the independent venues in as I am sure they will have tables.”

“If are looking to hold private small gatherings with family members this is something we can offer. At the Tiger, we have plenty of space and rooms to cope.”

Business Owners Calls For Residents To Choose Independent During  Crisis 

The has always been a great supporter of the community. As a business, they currently sponsor four local teams while they also recently started to sponsor an aspiring star.

Mr Slinger hopes in the town who do venture out think about where they spend their money, he said;

“I would like to urge anyone who does go out take an extra moment to think about what places they visit. Now more than ever it is important they support the independent businesses.”

“We have a number of these in , be they retail shops, cafes or pubs. Right now we certainly need the community to be on our side.”

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