5 Tips to Upgrade Your Home Successfully

5 Tips to Upgrade Your Home Successfully
5 Tips to Upgrade Your Home Successfully

It may have been a few years since you looked at your home with a discerning eye to see what needs some work.

Nevertheless, when switching out of autopilot mode and really examining it closely, things will pop out at you that need attending to.

Make a list of what needs sorting out. Estimate the time and cost it will require to resolve. Then consider the priority of each task to see which should be done first and those that are the lowest priority, which you might not get to until next year.

To get you considering the possibilities, here are five things to upgrade in the typical home.

Replacing Older Windows

Windows and their frames don’t last forever. The fitting and insulation they provide worsen with weather damage and time. Window frames are particularly susceptible to cracks and eventually let outside air get inside the home. With heating and cooling, poor window insulation increases energy bills.

At a certain point, it makes sense to consider window replacement as a total solution to the problem. For high-quality window installation, you can look at this site from American Vision Windows to see how professionals in this industry operate. For homeowners in Ventura County, it’s a great solution. Happily, after new windows are fitted, it’s not unusual to see energy bills decline because of the improved insulation. 

Look at the Property Structure

When you completed the purchase, was there anything that stood out in the assessment of the house or apartment? Or, anything that you noticed at the time and wanted to make a mental note to address later?

For instance, are there any walls showing cracks? These may only show slightly through paintwork but are more noticeable with older wallpaper. If you do find cracks, then have a professional assessor look at the situation to determine what can be done.

Rewiring the Home

Some homes still have older electrical systems. While likely the electrical breaker box has been upgraded to meet the newest standards, the wiring itself may not have been.

For modern homeowners in older real estate, there’s commonly a problem with too few outlets to plug into. The need to power more electrical devices and charge up using USB converters can cause the electrical system to struggle. Often, too many extension cords are needed to plug everything in, which isn’t very safe.

It’s a good idea to have an electrician perform an inspection to see if they can increase the number of wall outlets. Doing this will reduce the extension cords snaking around the floor. They can also inform you whether the entire electrical system should be overhauled to cope with powering computers, TVs, LED lights, and whatever other demands are currently being placed on it.

Check the Roof for Any Unattended Issues

An older roof might be leaking or seem to bow slightly. It’s possible that the timbers or joints up there have sustained damage due to moisture build-up over time.

Given that windy conditions are increasingly problematic in many areas, it’s not unusual to find some roof tiles that have been moved out of position, are broken or are missing entirely. This could be letting the water run down the roof and reach inside the attic. Ideally, tiles should be replaced to resolve this issue.

Also, if the building has a chimney stack, it’s worth double-checking that it’s still stable and doesn’t pose a safety concern.

Sprucing Up One or More Bathrooms

Depending on how many bathrooms there are in your home, some may be in worse condition than others. It’s possible that either you or the previous homeowner(s) upgraded the more frequently used bathroom but neglected the other bathrooms.

It’s not always necessary to completely replace the bathroom. Usually, some smart improvements and tweaks can do wonders to make it look and feel newer (and cleaner too).

The bathroom tiles are an obvious one. They pick up dust, grime and even mould over time. Using water and distilled white vinegar mixed together in an old spray bottle, literally spray down and scrub the tiles and grout to clean it up. Also, see if you can replace any damaged or missing tiles too.

The shower may also be attended to. Scum from soap remnants and random hairs get caught up in the oddest of places! It’s necessary to use a strong bathroom cleaner to wipe down all the obvious (and not so obvious places).

Also, don’t forget the floor, sink, faucets and more. Wash or replace reusable items like the shower curtain, which can often get forgotten about.

Don’t despair if the list of tasks or mini-projects is longer than you expected. Ultimately, it’s best to attend to these details or it may get worse later. Just work through your list one item at a time and enjoy the fruits of your work.

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