2020 Yorkshire Federations’ Women’s Institute Centenary Celebration

2020 Yorkshire Federations’ Women's Institute Centenary Celebration
2020 Yorkshire Federations’ Women’s Institute Centenary Celebration

On Saturday 29 February 2020 at the St Michael Le Belfrey in York, over 150 Members of the Women’s Institute met for a momentous celebration.

This was to mark 100 years of the formation of the original Yorkshire County Federation. 

However, in 1981 it was decided to split the Federation as it had grown too large with 600 WIs throughout the county and over 20,000 Members.   

Consequently, the National Federation of WIs decided a split was necessary to assist in the administration of so many WIs in one county.  The split became five Federations – East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire East, North Yorkshire West, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire.

The Centenary Celebration was attended by all the Federation Chairs together with National Chair, Lynne Stubbings, who reminded Members of the WI’s roots and how the Yorkshire County Federation evolved. 

Starting with the National Anthem and “Jerusalem” some witty songs and poems ensued, ending the celebration with Tina Turner’s famous song “Simply the Best” heartily sung and applauded by all the Members.

The photo is of Marianne Holmes, East Yorkshire Federation Chairman and Lynne Stubbings, National Chairman.  

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