How Well Do You Know The Yorkshire Coast? Become An Ambassador

How Well Do You Know The Yorkshire Coast? Become An Ambassador
How Well Do You Know The Yorkshire Coast? Become An Ambassador

How well do you know the Yorkshire Coast?  Could you give visitors an accurate history of local attractions like Whitby Abbey or Sewerby Hall? 

Where are the top museums or best places to spot wildlife?  When are the best festivals or events held and where should art-lovers head to?

If you’re in any doubt, now is the perfect time to put your skills to the test with, a free, online product-knowledge training course tailored for everyone who interacts with visitors. 

Developed by the National Coastal Tourism Academy, (NCTA) which focuses on boosting the number of international visitors to England’s Coast, the course is packed with information on Yorkshire’s coast. 

“This free online training course is ideal for anyone working in the hospitality industry or meeting international visitors in any capacity, whether you’re a restaurateur, hotelier, work in a bar, shop, café or hair-dresser,” says Samantha Richardson, Academy Director of the NCTA.

“It’s more important than ever that we offer international visitors a superb service and a very warm welcome.  We know they’re keen to visit the coast and are key to boosting the tourism industry on our coast.”

The Ambassador course has already been completed by hundreds of businesses around the coast, prompting a series of positive comments.

Claire Robinson of Broadgate Farm Cottages, Yorkshire, says: “It is really useful to help ensure that your local knowledge is up to date, guests really appreciate it when you can make recommendations for their stay.”

Keith Costello from the Inn Collection Group, Northumberland, comments: “I enjoyed doing the course. As well as being able to assist any visitors to our area it also taught me a few things I wasn’t aware of so a win-win all around.” features modules on nature, local Yorkshire towns and villages, top tips on getting around the county, activities and more, and there’s a special module on understanding how to welcome international visitors, facts on the key markets and what businesses need to do to attract and retain these visitors. 

There is a total of eight courses covering every section of the coast of England; the course is free, can be undertaken in stages and on successful completion, users can download a personalised certificate.  

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