East Riding Residents Getting Inadequate Service Says Local Cllr

East Riding Residents Getting Inadequate Service Says Local Cllr
East Riding Residents Getting Inadequate Service Says Local Cllr

Cllr says that residents in the East Riding are getting an inadequate service from the local authority.

His comments come after a resident was advised it would take three months to get a response to his concerns relating to speeding traffic.

Local resident Rob Smith said he was ‘flabbergasted’ by the response he got from The Chief Executive.

On contacting the local authority Mr Smith received a response that read;

“There is a heavy demand on the Traffic and Parking service for waiting restrictions, speed complaints and traffic calming measures.  Not only does the team have to investigate correspondence, they are also responsible for the delivery of large scale schemes, such as Controlled Parking Zones and numerous Traffic Regulation Orders and unfortunately this is resulting in the delays your resident has experienced.”

“This is not an area CMT have prioritised for additional resource within the financial plan as we have had to direct resources to other areas and in particular Childrens and Adults services, however, this is something you may wish to raise within your budget proposals.  Unfortunately, there is no additional funding, and a decision would be needed on what else should be stopped, in order to enhance the current  Traffic and Parking service.”

Cllr Healy who is less than impressed commented;

“Our Council tax-payers are getting an inadequate service. I don’t blame the Council staff but I do point the finger at the chronic under-funding of local government by Westminster.”

“The Conservative Leader of the Council, Cllr also has some explaining to do as to why things have got so poor that residents are getting automatic replies saying we’ll get around to you in three months time.”

“ I am also concerned that they are using a ‘first come first served’ approach which is a poor way to prioritise road safety issues.”

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