Starting A New Career At 73

Starting A New Career At 73
Starting A New Career At 73

At age 73, Dave Rookyard is showing no signs of slowing down and instead of reaching for a pipe and slippers, he has just accepted a new post as the Concierge of , a fantastic apartment building in Queen’s Gardens by Iguana Developments.

Dave has a zest for life and he says exercise and camaraderie at work keep him young. He is grateful for having a good pair of knees, as he loves running and mountain biking plus, he regularly goes to the gym to do weight sessions.

Dave has an interesting CV. At age 15 he walked into The Shipping Federation on Posterngate in and landed a job in the Merchant Navy with various ships, followed by North Sea Ferries which became , in all, spending 44 years at sea, rising through the ranks to Purser.

Since then Dave worked on-land with a variety of companies. He has considered retiring but decided it wasn’t for him and progressed through a number of customer-facing roles before getting a job with Jason Coleman on his first large-scale apartment development at Essex House in ’s Old Town.

Dave says:

“I’ve considered retiring, but I’ve missed the camaraderie and so I’ve always enjoyed coming to work.”

“My wife and I have been together for 58 years, married for 53 but my friends joke that it’s only 25 years, with all the time I spent at sea. I think living like this makes for a good marriage, we are happy with 2 grown-up children and 4 grandchildren.”

“All of my jobs have been working with the public. Onboard I was responsible for 1250 passengers, 150 crew and 3 Ship’s Police. As Chief Purser, you get to see people at their best and very worst and this type of experience means I can manage people, whatever the circumstances!”

“Throughout my career exercise has been very important to me. Whilst in dock we would usually work 6am-12pm when I would go for a long run along the beach at either Rotterdam or . I’d be back to work 4pm-10pm but on-call all night in case of emergencies. This type of work requires a lot of energy so being fit was key for me.”

“When dealing with people in a difficult situation, I always find the power of silence to be the best approach – always let a person tell their side of the story without being interrupted. Allowing them to get their issues off their chest can sometimes bring it to a close. When it doesn’t and they are in the wrong, behaving badly and upsetting fellow passengers or staff, then they I would tell them in no uncertain terms exactly what was happening. Either way, they always felt I was treating them fairly.”

“Lots of crew were from The Philippines and Portugal. My wife always invited them over for a big Christmas do at our house. We ate a traditional Christmas dinner and had a brilliant party. These guys worked really hard, for long hours and so we enjoyed treating them.”

“I started with all of the ferries from their first launch, right through their lifetime to the scrap yard. I myself retired from ships when I was 56 to take a 2-year posting in Venice while was under construction. This was a fantastic opportunity, on-land this time, but still on the water so to speak. I had my own apartment and company car. This was a dream job really, I was Stores Manager, overseeing the comings and goings of people and deliveries onto the site. After this, I realised I’d been living out of a suitcase since the age of 15 and I wanted to settle my feet on solid ground.”

Dave’s next move was to work in a B&B in Northallerton. His previous boss from the ships started up and wanted Dave’s valuable experience in catering management and setting up the social side of the but after 2 years, still living away from home from Tuesday to Friday each week, he looked for something closer to his family.

“Over the last 10 years, I took a few roles within the construction sector and got a job with Iguana Developments on their first major development in ’s Old Town, which is 45 apartments at Essex House on Manor Street in the Old Town.”

“I was pleasantly surprised when Jason approached me about the Concierge job at , it’s an absolute privilege to work in such a prestigious development. I’ll be there to meet and greet residents each day, manage anything coming into the building and also oversee the place on a daily basis.”

“If I had my time again I wouldn’t change a thing. I felt motivated at sea and this attitude and my experience have brought me to where I am today, enjoying life, feeling fit and loving the challenge each day brings.”

Jason Coleman, Managing Director of Iguana Developments says:

“Dave is currently working at as Stores Manager while the building works are completed. We didn’t hesitate to offer him the job as he had worked for us previously and his work ethic is outstanding, plus he is fantastic with people. Everyone who meets Dave thinks he’s a great guy. We all know that he doesn’t suffer fools gladly, he has a firm but a fair approach which means he can get anything done.”

“I think some people will consider themselves unemployable once they pass the age of retirement but we have found that experience and work ethic goes a long way.”

is due to receive its first occupants in April 2020.

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