Building Wellbeing And Confidence Through Regular Sugarcrafting Groups

Building Wellbeing And Confidence Through Regular Sugarcrafting Groups
Building Wellbeing And Confidence Through Regular Sugarcrafting Groups

Local sugarcrafter, Julie Rogerson of Julie’s Cake in a Box, has become a partner to Cake Minds, an exciting new and concept to help build wellbeing through sugarcrafting.

Julie will be running regular sugarcraft/cake decorating workshops in , East Yorkshire.

Classes are small, relaxed, fun and informal, taking place in her new cake studio, creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

Recent studies and medical advice states that creative activities aid mental health, mindfulness and wellbeing, meeting regularly within small intimate groups can provide individuals with more than just a creative past-time.

It also allows them to form new friendships, chat, laugh, create, cheer each other on and possibly introduce them to a new growing and diverse industry.

An affordable past-time, sugarcrafting at it very basic roots involve a diverse range of skills, from modelling to painting, and sculpting to intricate piping.

A Cake Minds class aims to build students skills and confidence over the course of time, introducing a range of methods and practices to work with sugarpaste, in a short two-hour session that will run on a regular monthly basis.

Rhu, the founder of Cake Minds noticed, from running her own regular sugarcraft modelling groups, how her students formed firm friendships outside of the classes.

She also noticed how much they supported each other through the trials and tribulations of life in general, how their confidence and wellbeing had improved and how they had also become her own valued close friends.

She hopes to extend her vision to create small local supportive, creative networks nationwide and globally.

Rhu said;

“Cake Minds aims to provide a safe, fun and informal environment, not only to learn new skills but to immerse yourself in a project that will take you away from your everyday stresses for a few hours every month.”

Cake Mind classes also provide the student with skills to build on and possibly go onto start their own cake decorating , but with the support network of their Cake Minds colleagues cheering them on.

To find out more you can visit the page –

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