Rail Fare Rises Will Put People Off Using Train Services

Rail Fare Rises Will Put People Off Using Train Services
Rail Fare Rises Will Put People Off Using Train Services

Rail fare rises will put people off using trains. That is the view of the Labour Party Parliamentary candidate .

News that train users will be hit by a fare increase of 2.7% in the new year is not going down well with train users.

Ms Hopkins, who is hoping to win the seat in Beverley & Holderness also says Labour will aim to sort out the issues with rail travel. While she also pledges her party will fix the rail connectivity issues faced in the north.

She said;

“I’ve spent a lot of time at the station in Beverley talking to commuters about rip off rail fares.”

“The latest rise is yet another kick in the teeth for them and coming on the back of reports that last month was on time for fewer than half of services only adds insult to injury.”

“It is clear that the current system for operating trains is not working for the people it is supposed to serve .”

Rail Fare Rises Unfair Due To Poor Service

“This rise will only put more people off using trains at a time when the Climate Change crisis means we should be encouraging more use of public transport.”

“That is why will take our railways back into public hands to allow us to run the service for the public not for profit.”

“Part of that public service will include making fares simpler and more affordable for passengers.”

“We will also be investing in a Crossrail for the North to improve the connections between Northern regions.”

“Also we will be consulting with local communities to reopen branch lines, which would include looking at the closed Beverley to York line.”

“Passengers deserve so much better than this failing system and that’s what the Labour Party will deliver. A service which is accessible and accountable to the public.”

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