WASPI Women Labour Pledge Welcomed By Chloe Hopkins

WASPI Women Labour Pledge Welcomed By Chloe Hopkins
WASPI Women Labour Pledge Welcomed By

, candidate in and Holderness, has welcomed Labour’s Pledge of Compensation to 1950s Born Women Hit by State Pension Age Rises

has announced that in government it will introduce a scheme of weekly payments to compensate the 1950s born women who were unjustly hit by the Tories’ State Pension rise.

Pay-outs of up to £31,000 will be made, with an average payment of £15,000, Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, announced. The scheme will be delivered within Labour’s first full five-year term of government.

McDonnell said the pay-outs were a “historic debt of honour” to the women.

’s coalition government presided over a change in the law that increased the women’s state pension age to 65 in November 2018 – followed by 66 in October 2020.

Labour would introduce a compensation scheme for the 3.7million women hit by the changes, which Cameron’s Tory-Lib Dem government imposed in 2011.

It comes after u-turned on Friday on his pledge to help those affected.

, the Labour Candidate in and Holderness, said:

“I could not be more delighted with this Labour Party pledge to compensate the 1950s born women for the unfair treatment they have suffered.

In and Holderness around 5,300 women were affected by the changes to the State Pension age and so many of them have told me about the personal losses and difficulties they have faced.

I have been proud to stand in solidarity with WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality) campaigners, and this policy is really a testament to their tireless efforts to fight to highlight and address the wrong they have experienced.

A Labour Government will always listen to the people fighting against injustice and offers real change for the 1950s born women and for ordinary people across this country.”

On Friday in the Leaders debate screened on BBC1, Prime Minister ruled out any hope of compensation. 

It is estimated around 3 million women will benefit from the pledge made by Labour.

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  1. Absolute rubbish,enough publicity was given to changes.As usual no costings as to were the money was coming from.12 December cant come soon enough to get rid of the anti Britain Labour party.

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