Candidates Standing In Beverley & Holderness Revealed

Candidates Standing In Beverley & Holderness Revealed
Candidates Standing In Beverley & Holderness Revealed

Candidates Standing In Beverley & Holderness for the upcoming general election have been confirmed.

In all, there are five parties looking to win the support of residents in Beverley & Holderness and win a seat currently held by .

Denis Healy will be standing for the Liberal Democrats, While will be standing for the Labour Party.

The Green Party have put forward Isabel Pires while Andy Shead is standing fo the Yorkshire Party.

Graham Stuart, from The Conservative Party will be looking to regain his seat. Last time voters in the region went to the polls he won easily with a majority of over 14,000.

Mr Stuart is confident he will retain his seat adding that he believes the residents in the are will back him. His chances were given a boost earlier in the week when the withdrew their candidate.

The Conservative Party insist they are the party of choice for those who want to leave the EU. While their main rivals, the Labour Party are offering the public a final say on the deal and a possible second referendum.

Beverley & Holderness Goes To Polls In December

Residents will go to the polls on the 12 December. While it remains highly unlikely that change will happen in this region, nationally politicians face a battle to win seats.

Key issues aside from Brexit for voters are without question the state of public services. Hospitals, schools and policing all issues that are being raised.

Only this week the NHS announced the worst-ever figures when it comes to waiting times. Something some say is as a result of poor investment from the current government.

However, both Labour and the Conservatives are promising to chuck cash at the NHS to help solve the crisis in the health service.

Anyone wishing to vote needs to be registered. You can find out how you can vote here.  

Candidates Standing In Beverley & Holderness 

Denis Healy – Libdems
Chloe Hopkins – Labour
Isabel Pires – Green
Andy Shead – Yorkshire Party
Graham Stuart – Conservative

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