Small SEO Tools Vs. Grammarly: Which Offers Better Plagiarism Checker Is Better

Small SEO Tools Vs. Grammarly: Which Offers Better Plagiarism Checker Is Better
Small SEO Tools Vs. Grammarly: Which Offers Better Plagiarism Checker Is Better

To make it easier for users of plagiarism checkers, here is a comparison between two popular plagiarism checkers. One is the Plagiarism Checker offered by Small SEO Tools, and Grammarly offers the other.

The pros and cons of both plagiarism checker tools are highlighted here.

Plagiarism Checker – Small SEO Tools 

When you enter the website address, the home page is displayed. In the navigation bar, it shows some of its most popular tools like Plagiarism Checker, What is my IP, Grammar Checker, and Reverse Image Search.

One of SST’s most used tools is its plagiarism detector, owing to the fact that it is a free tool that everyone can access with convenience. Listed are the pros and cons of its plagiarism checker. 


  • Copy/paste text: You can copy the text that you have written and paste it in the text box 
  • Exclude URL: You can exclude a URL from being included in the plagiarism check. This is useful if you have similar or exact content on a particular page, which you want to exclude during plagiarism check. For example, if you are quoting someone else’s work and have cited it, you don’t want it to appear as plagiarized.
  • Word Limit 2000/search: Most plagiarism checker sites limit the word count to 1000.
  • Comprehensive Results: After running a plagiarism check, the results display ‘percentage plagiarism,’ and ‘percentage unique.’ 
  • Grammar and Spelling Details: In the left panel, grammar & spelling status is displayed. If you click on Show Details, the grammar and spelling errors are displayed.
  • Plagiarism Report: A detailed report is available for instant sharing or download.
  • In the centre panel, Basic Word Count is displayed. On the right panel:
  • Reading Time
  • Keywords to total words ratio
  • Keyword Density
  • Extra Word Count Statistics
  • Length Statistics
  • Longest Sentence (by number of characters)
  • Longest Sentence (by number of characters)

The results reported are quite comprehensive, and the status of each sentence is reported – unique or plagiarized. If it has marked a sentence as ‘plagiarized’, it gives a compare option. By clicking on it, a new tab opens and displays the URL and the text of the plagiarized Sentence.


To be honest, I don’t see any con. For a free plagiarism checker, you can’t find a better one with more accurate results.

Plagiarism Checker – Grammarly

Grammarly is a website that has been basically designed to help users improve their grammar. When you visit the site and check a text for grammar errors, you have to scroll down to the bottom to see the plagiarism checker listed in services. It boasts of providing a plagiarism checker that checks against an 8 billion pages database and can help with citations.  


  • Real-time editing: You can make real-time changes to make your text free of plagiarism.
  • Comprehensive grammar check: One of the biggest pros of Grammarly’s plagiarism service is that it comes with the best grammar checker. There aren’t many grammar tools that are as good as Grammarly, which makes it worth the money.


plagiarism checker comes embedded with a grammar checker, which means you must check your content for grammatical errors to use a plagiarism detector.

Comprehensive results are not provided. After it runs a plagiarism check, it displays a message ‘We have found significant plagiarism in your text and have also detected 1 writing issue.’

It is paid! To me, that is the biggest con. To check for grammar or plagiarism, you must have a paid Grammarly subscription.


Both SmallSEOTools’ and Grammarly’s plagiarism checker do the job they are supposed to do well. But the graph is slightly more inclined towards Small SEO Tools since it is free, and don’t ask for subscription or registration for users. On the other hand, Grammarly forces the user to get a paid subscription to avail its comprehensive services.

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