6 Steps To A More Successful Career In Law Enforcement

6 Steps To A More Successful Career In Law Enforcement
6 Steps To A More Successful Career In Law Enforcement

A career in law enforcement is gratifying and also challenging at the same time. You’re going to have rough days, and other times, you’ll feel like a hero. The most important part is that you never give up on yourself or doubt your abilities.

There’s a reason you were hired in the first place, so keep this in mind when various obstacles pop up and try to stand in your way.

Avoid worrying about making mistakes and instead focus on what you can do each day to improve your skills. Having a more successful career in law enforcement is possible with the right attitude and you taking a few particular actions that will point you in the right direction.

1.Get into Better Physical Shape

As a police officer, you’re going to be tasked with handling sticky and difficult situations where you may be running after someone or having to use force. It’s in your best interest to commit to getting into better physical shape so that you’re strong and resilient even when you’re feeling worn out and tired.

The more physically fit you are the easier your job is going to be because you won’t quickly feel winded and exhausted during your shift. Hit the gym in your free time and continue to improve your physique and strength as time goes on. You’ll be more successful overall when you can act and react speedily in the moment and recover without much trouble.

2.Learn to Manage Your Emotions & Stress

Another step to having a more successful career in law enforcement is to learn how to manage your emotions and stress. Being a police officer is taxing on your mind and can impact your mental health quickly if you’re not careful.

There will be many people and situations you’ll encounter that can be triggering and unsettling, so get your mind and thoughts right before you head out into the field. Practice healthy stress management techniques such as:

  • Talking to a therapist
  • Meditating
  • Having hobbies that you enjoy doing on your days off
  • Deep breathing exercises

You’ll be able to avoid reacting to situations without thinking first when you’re good about nurturing your mind first.

3.Educate Yourself

You can have a more successful career in law enforcement by furthering your education. Knowledge is what’s going to set you apart from the rest and put you in the running for a promotion when the time comes at work.

It’s worth looking into and obtaining a good degree for law enforcement that will make you more qualified and help you to get recognized for all your efforts and talent at work. Advance your policing career by having the information you need to make wiser decisions on duty and be a solid leader that others look up to and admire. Without the proper knowledge, you risk getting stuck in your current role without much room or chance of excelling and moving up the ladder.

4.Know the Laws & Policies

There’s going to be a lot of information and laws to take in when you’re first starting out on the force. Instead of getting overwhelmed, it’s a good idea to listen and observe so you can be better prepared to do your job correctly. Understand the laws and policies inside and out so you can avoid making any major mistakes and potentially damaging or hindering your career.

You can have a more successful career in law enforcement when you take pride in your work and aren’t quick to cut corners. Focus on ethics, integrity and having a positive attitude so you can perform to the best of your ability and be recognised for your hard work and efforts. Strive to be the person that others come to for answers and advice instead of the one who’s always complaining and causing problems.

5.Practice Good Judgement

You should realise that as a police officer you’re always under a fine microscope. All you do is likely being recorded or observed by someone else. Therefore, be aware of this fact and practice good judgement when you’re on the clock.

Technology has truly opened the doors to having all you do be seen or heard by others, and you certainly don’t want to be highlighted for wrongdoings. Use your wise mind and think logically even when you’re tempted to rely on your emotions in the heat of the moment. Your law enforcement career will go a lot further when you maintain a reputable image and are known to be someone who’s honest and makes good judgment calls. 

6.Build Relationships with Others

Your policing career isn’t just about the law and following procedures. It’s also about working well with others and building relationships on and off the job. You can have a more successful career in law enforcement when you take the time to network and connect with those around you. For instance, volunteer your time and get to know your partner well so you can have a good working rapport.

It’s good to have others who you can rely on for advice when you have questions or are at a crossroads. Find a mentor who you can turn to and who’ll help guide you to having a more fulfiling and thriving career as a police officer. Get to know your superiors and colleagues and work to build trust in these types of relationships so others feel confident turning to you for input and handing over more responsibility to you.  


Policing is a hard job and takes a certain kind of person and skill set to be successful at it over the long-term. Take these steps and you’ll be on your way to having a rewarding and long-lasting law enforcement career.

You’ll find your job takes a turn for the better when you apply yourself and focus on a few of the most important aspects that will help to bring you success in your role. Put forth the effort and focus on your strengths and soon enough you’ll get the proper recognition and acknowledgement from others.

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