The Little Mermaid – School To Bring ‘Green Touch’ To Annual Show

The Little Mermaid - School To Bring 'Green Touch' To Annual Show
The Little Mermaid – School To Bring ‘Green Touch’ To Annual Show

Rehearsals are already underway for Minster C of E Primary School’s next school production. They will be performing Disney’s The Little Mermaid, which will take place in March.

This year, not only are the cast having fun and learning skills. They are also aiming to raise awareness of recycling, single-use plastics and how to keep oceans clean and safe.

The Little Mermaid is the sixth show to be put on by the Minster Show Team, which is comprised entirely of parents and also families.

They undertake everything from teaching singing, dancing and acting, to set build, lighting and sound, even makeup photographing and design.

Over the past five years more than 400 children, aged seven to eleven, have taken part in the productions – with this year’s show the biggest cast ever with over 80 performers and crew.

As well as learning creative skills such as singing, dancing and set design, as part of this year’s production, the cast and crew are also learning about the challenges Ariel and her friends in the ocean are facing, from global warming to plastics pollution in the sea.

Show Aims To Encourage Recycling Awareness

To encourage awareness of recycling and single-use plastics amongst children and families the show team has made a commitment. They intend to create 100% of the costumes and scenery from reused, recycled, repurposed and donated items.

Elspeth Timmans, part of the show team, explained;

“We’ve set ourselves an ambitious target but we think it will visually create a lasting impression, for both the children and families watching the show.

“We’re looking for 1,000 plastic contact lens cases, which are normally thrown away on a daily basis. These will be used to create scales on costumes. While 100 plastic bottles, which normally go in the blue bin, will become sea creatures.

“We’re also looking for old umbrellas which will be transformed into jellyfish and also barnacles, builders pallets to make large scale scenery and old football nets to become our enormous backdrop to the performance. We would love to hear from anyone that may be able to help us.”

The Little Mermaid Will Carry A Message About Environmental Issues

Tara, who is playing Sebastian, said;

“I have loved being in the shows. I’ve been in them since I was in Year 3. They have made me feel more confident in myself.

“The idea to make all the props and costumes out of recycled and recyclable materials is really good. A lot of global warming and damage is about rubbish in the sea and it is killing loads of animals.”

“By doing the show and making things out of recycled material we are showing how much rubbish there is in the world and we need to fix it.”

Evie who is playing Prince Eric added;

“I love the Little Mermaid! I certainly hope our recycling can help keep our oceans clean and safe. While Daisy who is helping out backstage said they are having fun and helping the planet.

They are on the hunt for the following items which they hope that local families and businesses may be able to help provide:

  1. 30 wooden builder pallets to make large scale scenery
  2. 100 plastic bottles will become sea creatures.
  3.  1,000 contact lens cases will become scale decorations on costumes
  4. 10 umbrellas to be transformed into jellyfish and barnacles
  5.  Large football or fishing nets to become an enormous collage

The show team will be putting out requests on their Facebook page @beverleyminstershow or if you’re able to help you can also email

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