Drone Users Including Children Will Need To Pass Test Before Flying

Drone Users Including Children Will Need Pass Test Before Flying
Drone Users Including Children Will Need To Pass Test Before Flying

Drone users, including children who get one for Christmas, will need to pass a test before they can take to the air.

New regulations come into play when it comes to drones on 3 November. Drone users who do not sit the test can face a fine of up to £1000.

New regulations apply to all drones that weigh between 250g and 20KG. They have been introduced as the CAA express their concerns over the possible collision between drones and aircraft.

The test which is free is similar to that of the driving test theory made up of 20 questions. Also, anyone who owns a drone will need to apply for an owner ID at the cost of £9 per year.

Those who pass the test will be issued with a flying ID while operator IDs will need to be displayed by owners on their drones.

The CAA says that by adding ID numbers to drones it will help reunite lost drones with their users. This will be possible for the first time in the UK.  They also say that a quarter of people who use drones admit to losing one during flight.

A spokesperson for the CAA said;

“We believe the new national registration scheme and drones reunited will help to tackle sky-tipping because it will allow us to track lost drones and unsafe owners more effectively.”

While some have welcomed the new rules others say they will be ‘difficult’ to enforce.  Also, some suppliers within the hobby industry say its just a way of raising cash.

Will Police Have Time To Enforce New Rules On Drone Users

One supplier in the area said;

“These new rules sound great in practice, but can I see local police enforcing it, not really. They have much better things to do with their time than to chase down people flying drones.”

“These new rules could put off many young people from enjoying radio controlled flying. While I accept their intentions are well-meant, it could prove to be a hurdle to many interested in the hobby.”

Last year pilots in the UK reported 125 sightings of drones within UK airspace. As a result of the growth of use, MPs have been calling for tighter regulations on the use of drones.

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