Extinction Rebellion – Many Young People In Beverley Share Their Concerns

Extinction Rebellion - Many Young People In Beverley Share Their Concerns
– Many Young People In Share Their Concerns

Extinction Rebellion are into their second week of protests in London. Here in Beverley just weeks ago students from local schools joined global protests staged in relation to .

While London may be under siege from protesters and dividing opinion, the truth is their cause is one that impacts us all.

Students from Beverley walked out of school to make their voices heard were joined by adults and also groups that oppose things like fracking.

One of the students on that march Roei Cohen-Almagor wants to see more done at a local level. He also feels the council are not putting enough money into the issues.

Speaking to HU17.net he said;

 “We do not recycle enough and need to make changes in this community. The council needs to put more money into flood defences.”

“In the next ten years, the water level could be rising as much as 19 inches. While they putting some money in it is not enough to counteract the changes in rising water levels.”

Roei has a message for the people who think that climate change is not their problem. For those who refuse to recycle and also accept there is a problem, his message is clear. He added;

“People need to think about the future generations to come. If you want them to have a great life like you have had and experience the world to the fullest then we need to make changes.”

Extinction Rebellion Will Not Stop Till More Is Done To Tackle Climate Change

While the East Riding as an authority continues to be acknowledged for its efforts when it comes to recycling, the council stopped short at declaring a climate emergency.

Of course, not everyone is supportive of the protests taking place in London. However, when the students held their march through beverley there was overwhelming support.

As they walked through the busy streets most people applauded them.

There are a lot of things we can all do to make to, one of the simplest things here in Beverley is to start to use our Blue Bins more efficiently.

Those who govern the town also need to take more responsibility. Simple things like replacing the litter bins with ones which allow recycling would be a good start.

Until more is done it is unlikely Extinction Rebellion and students from our local schools will stop protesting.  And why should they? They are after all just trying to save the planet for the good of us all.

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