Boxing Club Volunteer Says They ‘No Further Forward’ Following Vote

Boxing Club Volunteer Says They ‘No Further Forward’ Following Vote
Boxing Club Volunteer Says They ‘No Further Forward’ Following Vote

Boxing Club volunteer Jordon Thorne says he feels they are no further forward when it comes to the future of the club.

His comments come after Conservative Councillors twice voted down motions put forward by the opposition. Had they passed then Track Fitness and Boxing Club would have got the security they so desperately crave.

At County Hall in Beverley were asked to remove the eviction notice served on the club.

After this was voted down, they were also asked to vote on an amendment put forward by the . If passed this would have offered a cast-iron guarantee of staying until a new location was found.

This would have seen the club be allowed to stay in their Burden Road home until suitable premises were found, this too was voted down.

Boxing Club Volunteer Still Concerned For Clubs Future

Speaking after the meeting Mr Thorne said;

“The way I feel that after today’s meeting we are no further forward. I listened to both parties but I that regarding our date to leave nothing has changed.”

“As far as I am concerned we are still out on the 6 December as we have still had any official notification to say otherwise.”

“On the amendment proposed to the motion, I would like to have been passed. This would have given us some form of security and future for the gym both long and also short term.”

“I know that there are lots of discussions going on about our long term future but we need a short term fix. Otherwise, come 31 March we shut and it could be six months or year till we find somewhere else we can re-open.”

“We have resided to the fact we have to move and do not mind that. But we need to have some continuity in the gym. Even if that means moving to tempory premises till we find something more permanent that meets our needs.”

Money Has A Lot To Do With This Decision

“All I can really take away from this meeting is that clearly there is a lot of people who want this club to succeed.  They also want to see their Adult Learning Centre succeed.”

“However if you look at the numbers twice as many people use our gym as they do the Adult Learning Centre. Also, I understand this has a lot to do with money and grants the council can access.”

“I would have thought the council would have looked at the bigger picture. They had a chance to leave us where we were until that accommodation is available.”

Support for the club has been overwhelming. To date over 4,000 people have signed a petition while they have received countless messages of support.

Since being told they were going to chucked out by the local authority they have railed to fight their corner. Alongside the petition, they have staged demonstrations in the local streets. 

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