Bishop Burton College Praised For Quality Of Service Provided To Students

Bishop Burton College Praised For Quality Of Service Provided To Students
Praised For Quality Of Service Provided To Students

has been praised for the excellent quality of information, advice and guidance it provides to its students.

Following an inspection last month, the college has been accredited with the Matrix Quality Standard.

Matrix recognises an extremely high quality of service provided to students and is used as a quality assurance tool, with annual continuous improvement checks and self-assessment practices monitoring year-on-year improvements.

In awarding the Standard, the Matrix assessor concluded;

  • The college’s values are well understood by staff and students and lead to a welcoming, safe environment.
  • Strategic collaboration with regional and national bodies is ensuring the college identifies and responds to current and future employer needs.
  • The college has undertaken a good deal of work to develop its careers function since the last accreditation review (in 2016).

In addition, the final report highlighted the following comments made to the inspector by students;

“The residential wardens are fabulous. There’s always someone to talk to and it’s like a little village.”

“I just know Student Services will get it done the right way, like when I have bursary issues.”

“The mental health support is amazing. The staff came to me when they realised I had an issue and arranged support for me.”

“This college is very welcoming to me as a female construction student. There is no sexism, unlike other colleges I’ve been to.”

College Praised Is News Welcomed By Principle

Bill Meredith, Chief Executive and Principal of , said: “I am delighted the hard work and commitment of our staff has been recognised in this way.

“The success and welfare of our students is of everyone at the college, as has been proven by this excellent report.”

Bishop Burton, near , specialises in agriculture, animal management, equine and sport but also runs courses in areas including business, childcare and public services.

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