Course Will Help Prepare Young Drivers For The Road Ahead

Course Will Help Prepare Young Drivers For The Road Ahead
Course Will Help Prepare Young Drivers For The Road Ahead

is teaming up again with The Under 17 Car Club Charitable Trust to bring its Pathfinder project to East Yorkshire.

In 2018, 587 young (aged 16 – 24) were killed or injured on the roads of the Humber region, of which 384 were in the East Riding and Hull areas.

Young are at higher risk of being injured than any other age group and are one of the key priorities for the regional road safety partnership. 

The Pathfinder project will be running in from 28 October to 1 November and is open to anyone aged between the ages of 15 and 17.

The project involves young spending the week learning to drive with their parents or carers in their car in an off-road environment.

Young Drivers Will Learn Basic Skills To Help Keep Them Safe

During the week they will learn basic car control in preparation for taking their driving test once they reach 17.

Parents or carers are actively involved in the week-long sessions and form part of the team which coaches the young person.

Also involved are IAM Roadsmart assessors who will provide expert advice and practical demonstration to the young driver and their parent.

Along with the driving elements, students will also take part in classroom sessions which will cover a wide range of topics including being first on scene and virtual reality films.

The week costs £185 per student and is being supported by the Under 17’s driving club, IAM Roadsmart and .

, a spokesperson for , said: “The partnership uses a wide range of different and engagement activities with young to raise awareness of the risks they face in cars.

“We are pleased to be working with the Pathfinder project again as it focusses on the practical side of driving along with a classroom input.

“This project will hopefully reduce the risk that our young face and ultimately make them safer drivers.” 

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