Market Traders In Beverley Fully Behind Closure For Cycling Event

Market Traders In Beverley Fully Behind Closure For Cycling Event

John Dyson a Market Trader in Beverley with 50 years under his belt says traders are fully behind the cycling event.

Mr Dyson, who is also the President-Elect for the Market Traders Federation says traders are fully behind the closure.

While some have been disappointed that the market on Saturday has been cancelled to make way for cycling. Traders say they have done for the good of the town.

Beverley’s will not take place this weekend. It has been cancelled to accommodate the Yorkshire 2019 Para-Cycling event.

Speaking to .net Mr Dyson said;

“Beverley is a charter Market so it has to run. But obviously we can make exceptions like other markets do.”

“We as traders all agreed to close for one day for this one-off event. Personally speaking, I  feel having this cycling event is very good for the town. As a result, we were all happy to close the market on Saturday.”

“Events like the Yorkshire 2019 Para-Cycling will really help to promote the town. So we hope those who come along to specifically to enjoy the event will possibly come back again.”

“This was not an easy decision but it is certainly the right thing to. To be fair I think the council were shocked that we said yes and would close for the event.”

Market In Beverley Not Often Closed For

This is not a common occurrence in Beverley. Mr Dyson says that are two examples he can recall of the market in Beverley be closed on a Saturday.

Once was due to bad weather, though some traders still turned up. While the second was for the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Mr Dyson also says that while some may be disappointed, this is not something they are likely to repeat in the near future.

He hopes who use the market and residents will understand that their decision was made in the best interests of the town.

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