Homeless Helpers Express Their Thanks After Successful Lifestyle 2019 Project

Homeless Helpers Express Their Thanks After Successful Lifestyle 2019 Project

Homeless Helpers, a Lifestyle 2019 team have expressed their thanks to everyone who supported their fundraising day.

Thanks to their efforts and support from the community and local business they managed to raise over £600 for the charity Emmaus.

The team, made up of George Tatton,  Jake Leyland-Jones, Matthew Harris, Jake Roberts and Luca Barker were thrilled with how things went.

Commenting on the fun day they said;

“While the weather was not on our side the Family Fun Day at proved to be a real success. Our prize draw generated a lot of money. This was as a result of the fantastic prizes which were donated by local businesses. In all, our Family Fun Day, we managed to raise £650.”

“Taking into account all our activities over the summer we managed to raise £2,146.64 for Emmaus.”

“We would all like to thank everyone who came to the event and also the businesses for their donations.”

Homeless Helpers Used Money Raised To Purchase Goods

Rather than just donating the cash to the charity the boys put in more effort and purchased items needed by Emmaus.

They visited a local supermarket where they purchased items from a shopping list they had compiled in conjunction with Emmaus.

Items purchased included pillows, sheets and towels. This will be used by the charity to help cater to the 30 rooms they have to help homeless .

These goods were taken by the boys to the charities offices at the Orchard Centre on Lockwood Road. On presenting the charity the with the goods they were blown away by efforts.

As a result, they have been invited back in October to attend a special awards ceremony.

The boys also say while they started out on their Lifestyle 2019 journey hoping to win a prize their attitudes soon changed.

Their focused shifted while undertaking the lifestyle challenge to how they could do more to support the charity.

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