Nature Project Funding Boost Welcomed By Cllr Denis Healy

Nature Project Funding Boost Welcomed By Cllr Denis Healy
Nature Project Funding Boost Welcomed By Cllr Denis Healy

News that Town Council has been awarded funding to deliver a nature-based project has been welcomed by Cllr Denis Healy.

Beverley Town Council has secured £17,000 in commuted sums. This cash will be used to develop a nature trail. It will feature information boards, trails, boxes for wildlife and also benches.

Liberal Democrat Cllr Healy was thrilled with the news. He and his party are certainly great advocates when it comes to the environment. 

Cllr Denis Healy welcomed the news that the funding has been approved. Speaking to he said;

“This is great news for Beverley and also the residents of the town. As a dog walker, I often take a stroll along the Beverley Beck.”

“Thanks to this funding I and others will be able to learn more about the wildlife we see while in this part of Beverley.”

“Animals like Hedgehogs and Butterflies play an important part in the ecological chain. They prey on many pests. Hedgehogs also provide a good indication of how well the ‘natural world’ is doing.”

“Following the completion of this project every one here at BeverleyTown Council hopes more will enjoy this wonderful part of our town.”

Town Clerk Welcomes Funding For Nature Project

Beverley Town Council Clerk, Helen Watson added;

“It’s a lovely area and a beautiful walk and we want to tidy it all up and make it look better so that more people use the area.”

In all the project is expected to cost around £19,700 to complete. The nature boxes that will be installed will be for bats, birds, hedgehogs and also bugs.

Beverley Town Council says the aim of the project is to encourage greater use and also knowledge of Beverley Beck from the flyover to where it meets the River Hull.

They also say it will help to create a link with other free pastures of the town Figham and Swinemoor. While they feel it will complement the excellent existing projects that promote the industrial heritage of the Beck.

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