The Micro Pig Bar In Tickton Could Be A Record Breaker

The Micro Pig Bar In Tickton Could Be Record Breaker
In Tickton Could Be A Record Breaker

, one of the newest venues in the area could well be a record-breaker too.

Located in Tickton near , this popular bar was the creation of Geneva’s father, local developer

They wanted to provide the village with a replacement pub after the previous one closed down some years earlier.

Licensee is pursuing the record for the smallest pub in the world, she said;

“From what we can find, the record is currently held by The Signal Box at 64 sq.ft., and we’re only 9ft x 7ft, so we are definitely smaller.”

“Everyone likes the buzz of a village pub and at only 63 sq.ft., ours is always busy!”, commented Wayne.

“Seriously though, we have managed to provide a genuine local for the people of Tickton and we’re proud of that. We have a steady stream of regulars and lots of passing trade too, so ‘mission accomplished’… a pub back on the main street where it belongs.”

This compact, but perfectly formed hostelry poured its first drink in October 2018 and hasn’t stopped since.

As well as adding a small beer garden, free food offerings and occasional , The Micro Pig has certainly made itself at home in this quaint rural location. Let’s now see if it makes it into the Guinness World Records.

As this father-daughter team summed up: “We might only be tiny, but we have a very big welcome and now we might be a record-breaker too. How brilliant is that for Tickton… for everyone!”

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  1. factually inaccurate report, I’m afraid. The New Inn was a fully functioning pub and eatery until the day Mr Low bought it. It had not closed down

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