Exhibition Looks Back To Edwardian Times In Beverley

Exhibition Looks Back To Edwardian Times In Beverley
Exhibition Looks Back To Edwardian Times In Beverley

A new exhibition, “Edwardian Beverley: a snapshot in time”, opens at the on Wednesday, 24 July.

Using photographs taken by ordinary people with the newly-developed Box Brownie cameras, this well-illustrated exhibition shows the people and places of the town as they were at the start of the 20th century.

Fiona Jenkinson, the curator of the Guildhall, said:

“We have taken a fairly loose approach to the Edwardian period as, strictly, it was the time when Edward VII was on the throne from 1901 to 1910. However, for the purposes of this exhibition, we considered it to be the period during which Britain paused between the rigidity of the Victorian era and the chaos of global war.

“After this time the world had changed, and we generally look back at the Edwardian period as a somewhat romantic age. Luckily for us, it was also a time when ordinary people became able to take their own photographs with the coming of new, cheap cameras, so the exhibition is able to draw on the wonderful images of real life taken by ordinary people, as opposed to the posed studio photographs of earlier years.”

“Edwardian Beverley: a snapshot in time” opens at the Beverley Guildhall on Wednesday, 24 July and runs until 22 November 2019.

The Guildhall is located in Register Square next to the main post office. The building is open from 10am to 4pm every Wednesday and Friday until 30 October and then 10am to 4pm on Fridays and 10am to 1pm on Wednesdays. Admission to the building is free. 

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