Helen Skelton Urges College Students To Seize Their Moment

Helen Skelton Urges College Students To Seize Their Moment
Helen Skelton Urges College Students To Seize Their Moment

Television presenter Helen Skelton has urged students completing their studies at Bishop Burton College to seize the chance to do something “phenomenal” with their lives.

Helen, who is famed for her roles with Blue Peter, Countryfile and the BBC’s ’ coverage, was the special guest speaker at the college’s Presentation Day.

She handed out certificates and awards to students who studied subjects including agriculture, animal management, engineering and equine, among others.

Helen told them: “Congratulations to you all. I don’t mean that in a half-hearted way, because it is not easy to get to where you have. I am really excited by what you all have in front of you.

“I am so lucky to do what I do, but my teachers always said to me that the harder you work, the luckier you get.

“I’m embarrassingly rubbish at so many things but I’m willing to try. If there’s something you want to have a go at, give it a try.

“You guys have an amazing opportunity here to build something phenomenal for yourselves. Don’t take that for granted.

“I hope your journey starts here. I hope it is fun and I hope it is adventurous.


Bill Meredith, Chief Executive and Principal of the college, near , told the audience: “2019 has been another year of notable success at Bishop Burton College, and one of great progress.

“We have strengthened our reputation as one of the finest land-based colleges in the country with the news that Bishop Burton will become a new centre of excellence for high-level agricultural skills training, as part of an Institute of Technology consortium.

“This means significant funds will be invested in a new training facility on campus, which will complement other exciting developments on the farm.

“Here at Bishop Burton, we have always been committed to this kind of investment in our facilities, to make sure our students benefit from the best possible learning environment.

“Such investment is crucial to the development of Bishop Burton, but it is the students who are the life and soul of our college. They – and our brilliant staff – make the college what it is.”

In delivering a vote of thanks from the Student Association, student Rebecca Martin said: “It has been an incredible journey for all of us students at Bishop Burton, and one we will never forget.

“Friends for life have been made, lessons have been learnt and memories have been created.

“During more difficult moments, some of us may have doubted whether we would make it to today. But here we all are, and that is down to hard work, perseverance and the support of those around us.

“Well done everyone.”

Chair of Governors, , concluded the ceremony by telling the students: “I do hope you have enjoyed celebrating your hard earned success – and it has been hard earned.”

Prominent television and radio presenter Jenni Falconer will be the guest for the college’s second Presentation Day event, on Friday, June 28th, which will feature students who have studied subjects including sport, health and social care and , among others.

There are still places available to start at Bishop Burton College this September. Open Days are being held 3pm-8pm every Wednesday in July. Come along and secure your place, or apply online at www.bishopburton.ac.uk.

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