Inspirational Teacher From Beverley High School Honoured By Profession

Inspirational Teacher From Beverley High School Honoured By Profession
Inspirational Teacher From High School Honoured By Profession

An inspirational teacher from High School, Sarah Brownell has been honoured by her profession.

Head of History and Careers Leader, Miss Brownell, has been awarded the Pearson Silver award for Secondary School Teacher of the Year.

She is described as an inspirational teacher who achieves phenomenal results. While she employs a range of highly successful teaching strategies and monitors the learning of every student in her care.

Viewed as exceptional and known for her infectious enthusiasm, colleagues say her biggest strength is her humanity.

Sarah’s commitment to pastoral care as well as academic success is amongst the best this Yorkshire school has seen.

She contributes to a wide range of activities in the life of the school and community including raising thousands of pounds for charity.

Miss Brownell said;

“I still feel in shock. Seeing my student’s response has been the highlight. High is a great school with fantastic students and staff, so to then win an award like this, I just feel very lucky.”

High School Headteacher Sharon Japp was certainly thrilled with the news, she said;

“Sarah is a very special individual who the students really adore and colleagues know will always be there for them. She is an exceptional member of staff.”

“The school is exceptionally proud of her achievement. We look forward to her continuing to inspire our young people for many years to come.”

Miss Brownell was one of 68 inspirational teachers from around the UK to win an accolade.  She will now go forward with the others to what is known as the ‘Teachers Oscars’.

Inspirational Teacher From Will Head To Teachers Oscars

At the Teachers Oscars, just thirteen teachers will be picked and awarded a gold award.

Michael Morpurgo, president of the Teaching Awards Trust, said;

“So often and for so many of us, it is a teacher who changed our lives, was at our side through hard and difficult times. It was a teacher who lifted us up when we were down, helped us find our voice. Or they gave us confidence when we needed it most, set us on a path that we have followed ever since.”

Rod Bristow, president of Pearson UK said that it is important teachers are recognised and also celebrated. He also added that we must never forget the lasting impact teachers have on young people.

Miss Brownell is the only teacher from East Yorkshire to make the finale 68 as an individual. While she is joined by just one other teacher in final from the entire county of Yorkshire.

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  1. Well deserved she’s been my daughter’s form tutor and history teacher. She’s always gone above and beyond with both pastoral care and teaching, so where my daughter is taking a History A Level. She is truly amazing. Good luck in London.

  2. Sarah is an incredible teacher, leader and mentor whose infectious enthusiasm has touched many lives at home and abroad. I worked with her on Connecting Classrooms, a British Council funded programme. She is a gem. Well done, Miss Brownell! Well done, Beverley High School community!

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