Children and Young People Committee Work Praised By Cllr Boynton

Children and Young People Committee Work Praised By Cllr Boynton
Children and Young People Committee Work Praised By Cllr Boynton

Findings by the Sub Committee for Children and Young People to help tackle the increase in mental health issues have been welcomed Cllr David Boynton.

Cllr Boynton of the says mental health in young people is something close to his heart.

Cllr Boynton was speaking following the full council meeting. In that meeting, an update was provided along with the findings presented.

The Chair of the Committee outlined work that had been done with a local school. As a result of that work, it highlighted a number of key areas where young people come under mental health pressures.

Speaking to Cllr Boynton said;

“As a community psychiatric nurse, we are seeing an increase in the number of young people who are suffering from mental health issues.”

“This is a result of exam stress, social media and other pressures they are facing in the fast-paced modern world.”

Children and Young People Committee Committed To Tackling Mental Health Issues

He added;

“Unlike my generation where we finished education and were able to relax. We were also able to enjoy life and our adolescence. However, this is something that is becoming increasingly more difficult for young people to do.”

“Also, any difficulties that would arise at school in my day were left at school. However, with modern and especially social media, these problems are now following them home.”

“Having spoken with my colleague Cllr who sits on the committee she has said more work on the subject is planned in the coming months.  This will be done by engaging with more young people within the East Riding. It aims to ascertain what can be done to help tackle these issues.”

Cllr Boynton feels that mental health as a whole is a topic that has generally been avoided, he added;

“Mental health has long been known as the Cinderella service. Last in line for funding, low in the list of priorities. If you look at the state of mental health services for young people, we can see it is truly a Cinderella service.”

“Hearing first hand the good work that this council is doing to tackle the issue should come as reassuring news.”

“This is something that will certainly benefit the young people in the East Riding.”

Cllr Boynton also highlighted the opening of a £7.8M mental health inpatient unit. This will be specifically for young people in the and East Yorkshire area. 

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