Commuted Sums Fund Three Play Area Improvement Projects

Commuted Sums Fund Three Play Area Improvement Projects
Commuted Sums Fund Three Play Area Improvement Projects

Play Areas in Parish have been officially reopened after the completion of works. This work was funded by as part of Commuted Sums.

Commuted Sums is generated as a result of money collected from developers of nearby housing sites.

Deer Park Way Play Area and King Street Play Area have been reopened. While the third play area Southwood Park on Princess Way is set for work to start in July.

Refurbishments came about thanks to the action of local resident Sara Fletcher who undertook consultations with children. She worked alongside the Parish Council to create a plan for the three play areas.

Local residents have welcomed the projects. They say that children love the new play areas while also adding they are well thought out.

Councillor Stephen Oliver from Woodmansey Parish Council, commenting on the project said;

“We received comments from residents about the quality of the play experience in the Parish. We agreed that we really wanted to support and promote active play, healthy lifestyles. Also, we wanted areas of play that were parent-friendly and a real focal point in the community.”

“Working with the residents, we have created high-quality play experiences in three parks in the Parish. Each one offering something different for children and parents to enjoy, and for many generations to come. The feedback we have received from families has been really positive.”

Parish Councillors Welcome Projects Funded By Commuted Sums

PHOTO – Cllr Astell also welcomed the funding for projects

Councillor Mike Stathers of East Riding of Yorkshire Council added;

“I am delighted that we have been able to supply funding for these excellent and much-needed improvements from our Commuted Sums scheme.”

In the three projects were awarded a just over £165,000 to deliver the projects. A special event was held to mark the opening of the parks.

Cllr Peter Astell also a member of Woodmansey Parish Council. He welcomed the funding. The Liberal Democrat spoke to saying;

“Any money that can be released from Commuted Sums to benefit the community is a good thing. I welcome these projects and also the benefits they will bring to residents in the Parish.”

“It is very important that young people have something to do. It also shows our commitment as a parish council to get these funds and use them for the good of the people.”

Because of the number of new homes being built in and villages like Woodmansey more money is available. As a result, Cllr Astell hopes more cash will be freed up in the future to help deliver more projects in the area.

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