Residents Being Urged To Recycle Bedding, Clothing and Shoes

Residents Being Urged To Recycle Bedding, Clothing and Shoes
Residents Being Urged To Recycle Bedding, Clothing and Shoes

Bedding, clothing and shoes no longer wanted are the focus of .

The local authority wants to encourage residents to recycle them in a bid to reduce the amount being discarded in bins.

says that 8pc of the waste in blue bins is textile based. While a further 6.5pc is waste in green bins is also textile based.

In a statement released, East Riding of Yorkshire Council said;

“We want to encourage residents not to place any textile items in their household bins. This is because they can’t be recycled that way.”

“Instead, residents are asked to take them to clothing banks, charity shops and household waste sites.”

“East Riding residents are the best recyclers in the country. So there is no doubt they’ll get behind our campaign and help us recycle even more textiles.”

“We just need their help to keep clothing and bedding out of bins. Instead, they should be taken into banks and charity shops.”

In an attempt to tackle the issue the authority is holding events around the region. They will be asking people to bring their old old duvets, sheets, towels, clothes and shoes so they can be recycled and disposed of properly.

The council also add they are looking for local charities or other organisations they can donate the items they collect.

Any local charity or organisation that is collecting these items is being urged to contact the officers at

Here’s a guide to how you can recycle textiles:

These items can be taken to the following locations:

Duvets, cushions, pillows & sleeping bags:
• Household waste sites (tips) for
• Local charities, animal shelters and community groups may also take them, but please check first

Sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers & towels can be taken to clothing banks and be of any quality. You can also take them to household waste sites.

To recycle Clothes & shoes these can be donated to Charity shops if they are in good condition.

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