Tesco Beverley Join Other Stores To Celebrate Surplus Food Incentive

Tesco Beverley Join Other Stores To Celebrate Surplus Food Incentive
Join Other Stores To Celebrate Surplus Food Incentive

’s  store has joined hundreds of others across the UK to celebrate four years of the supermarket’s surplus food donation scheme. 

The store showcased the Community Food Connection scheme, which is run in conjunction with food charity FareShare. 

Community Champion  was joined by representatives from and .

They spoke with customers about how the scheme works to provide free surplus food. While they also looked to encourage even more charities and community groups to sign up.

The third local group who are also currently benefiting from the scheme is Leven Charity Pre-school.

The Community Food Connection scheme ensures that every store in the UK is able to donate surplus food at the end of the day to charities and community groups.

It uses an app developed by social enterprise FoodCloud, to notify groups each night about the food available for collection.

Today, more than 7,000 groups are able to pick up free food from their local store. Since the scheme began, has donated more than 36 million meals to those groups. That means the retail giant is donating more than a million meals a month.

The  Superstore alone has donated 52,847 meals to date.

To find out more details about Community Food Connection and how local groups can benefit, contact  on 07871 572742 or visit www.tesco.com/community-food-connection.

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