Legal Eagle Comes To The Help Of Struggling Locals

Legal Eagle Comes To The Help Of Struggling Locals
Legal Eagle Comes To The Help Of Struggling Locals

Local people caught in the trap of expensive legal fees, and limited access to legal aid, are being successfully helped by a local legal eagle, David T. Wade.

Mr Wade, whose Student at Law business operates across the Humber, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, supports clients in Hull, Goole, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Selby and York as well as serving others across the UK.

In 2016, Magnus Murray, who has taxi and property businesses in Hull, and is secretary of the Humber Taxi Association (HTA), was badly let down by two firms of solicitors in the region, before turning to David for help.

“I have never looked back,” said Mr Murray recently. “David always gives you a straight answer and never demands a lot of up-front legal fees, and what he charges is a fraction of what other law firms have charged me in the past. He has successfully advised me for the businesses, the HTA and its members, and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”

Julie Young, whose family business Sculptures Hair Saloon on Newbridge Road, Hull, has also been successfully advised by David who has recently dealt with a dispute over property agency commission fees. 

Mrs Young said: “David was recommended to me and I was very satisfied with the service, I was treated professionally and the service was affordable. Any small business could benefit from saving on legal fees without compromising legal service.”

Alfie Wright, from Whitley, who last year successfully fought an unfair dismissal case with an ex-employer, said:

“David was amazing start to finish and was always very thorough, in-depth and he always delivered. I couldn’t recommend David highly enough and wouldn’t ever dream of using any rip-off solicitors ever again.”

A landlord, Sean Harrison, from Scunthorpe, who was advised by David last year with a difficult tenant, said: “David helped me get my property back. Highly recommend David to anyone that has a legal issue. 10 out 10.”

A dispute about an matter in 2016 saw David come to the rescue of Tony Steventon from Hedon, who said: “Dave Wade helped me out with my situation in the most impressive way possible. He is kind, courteous, professional and competitive. I cannot thank him enough for what he did for me and my family. I recommend David to anyone who needs help – one million per cent!” 

Earlier this year, Darren Ashbolt, from Hull, was helped by David. Mr Ashbolt said: “In the minefield of law and solicitors’ costs, David is a safe platform where you get straight talking without having your pocket robbed. If you need advice, help or representation then look no further – don’t go anywhere else.” 

David T. Wade Student at Law Ltd offers to the person in the street and small businesses at rates far cheaper than traditional law firms and since he set up as self-employed in 2014, he has helped many clients along with his small team with small claims, consumer matters, speeding, family and divorce, contractual, employment and landlord and tenant.

As a McKenzie Friend and Lay Representative, he is limited by how much he can represent people in court. But Mr Wade is currently looking at a possible alternative which could then alleviate this limitation for clients. He is unable to look after reserve legal activities covered by the Legal Services Act of 2007, such as probate, reserved instrument activities and administration of oaths.

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