Gallows Lane Gate Installed In The Interest Of Public Safety

Gallows Lane Gate Installed In The Interest Of Public Safety

Residents need not be concerned over access to Gallows Lane from the Westwood. Access currently has been restricted but is just a temporary measure.

A spokesperson for , the company who is currently developing a housing has confirmed that the gate has been erected in the interest of public safety.

A spokesperson for said;

“We would like to apologise to everyone impacted by the installation of the gate. It has been put in place  as a health and safety measure.”

“This is as a result of the volume the number of large vehicles and plant accessing our Old College site.”

“Once the development is complete, Gallows Lane will be handed over to .”

Concerns were raised by residents when the gate appeared on the on Gallows Lane blocking access to the Westwood.  Residents said there were worried that their right of way was being denied. 

While they are upset, they are also seeking assurances that access will be restored.

Gallows Lane Gate Installed Following Genuine Concerns Relating To Safety

The spokesman for added;

“During the development, we have tried a number of ways to restrict people coming into contact with vehicles.”

have genuine concerns over the safety of residents and also children who used the road.”

“As a result of the other measures being ignored, we felt this was the best solution to avoid any accidents.”

“Gallows Lane is currently a private road. However, in the not to distant future it will be handed back to the local authority to be adopted.”

Cllr Denis Healy said;

“I am keen to ensure that residents’ concerns are taken into account with this.”

“I have been rather busy with the election, so I am unsure why this gate is in the interests of public safety at this stage. However, I will certainly be looking further into this if I am re-elected.”

The Old College comprises of 36 high-end homes. To date, a third of the homes are already occupied by residents.

Development on the site started in 2016 after relocated to a new purpose-built campus located at Flemingate.

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