Duncan Jack – Independent Candidate Targets Seat In Minster South

Independent Duncan Jack Targets Seat In Minster South
Independent Duncan Jack Targets Seat In Minster South

Former Mayor Duncan Jack is hoping people will support his bid to be re-elected to Beverley Town Council in upcoming local elections.

Mr Jack who has served on Beverley Town Council for 20 years is certainly not taking anything for granted.   

As a result of moving, Mr Jack who is passionate about Beverley will try to win a seat in Minster South for the first time on 2 May.

Speaking HU17.net he said;

“There are certainly some advantages being an independent candidate in the current political climate.”

“While door knocking I have seen this first hand. Some voters are avoiding the big three parties. A lot of people are just fed up with politics at the moment.”

 “As a councillor, I believe we have to be cautious with money. Money is hard to earn and people do not have a lot of money at the moment.”

Duncan Jack Believes Council Should Support Good Ideas That Benefit Town 

“That said, during my time on Beverley Town Council we have been helped people who have good ideas get them off the ground.”

“Beverley Town Council certainly does that well at the moment so I hope to continue to help those volunteers who come forward with good ideas.”

“We as a council try to help get them up and running while supporting them in any way we can.”

“In Beverley with have a number of fantastic groups. There is the Beverley in Bloom Group, they are absolutely fabulous.  My darling wife is part of the Christmas Lights Group who do things all year round for the good of the town.”

The Beverley Fringe Festival is something else we helped get started. We will be helping them again this year.  I am a great believer in helping these groups get off the ground so these people can make these things happen.”

Mr Jack who retired three years ago has always championed the community. While he has played an active role as a councillor he also devotes his time to Beverley Westwood Lions.

He said;

“I love the town, I have lived in the town most of my life. I think this is a thriving town  and I want to do what I can to keep it that way.”

Residents in Beverley will go to the polls on 2 May. They will be electing parish and also county council representatives.

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  1. Well done Duncan I think that politics should not be part of council elections, his judgment is tainted towards the people that sponsored him for election – looks like a bribe to me.

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