Democrats & Veterans Party Candidate To Stand In Local Election

Democrats & Veterans Party Candidate To Stand In Local Election
Democrats & Veterans Party Candidate To Stand In Local Election

Democrats & Veterans Party candidate says he is standing in the due to out ‘failed political establishment.’

Mr Flynn, who is from Beverley will be standing in the Local Elections within the St Mary’s Ward.

Explaining more about why he is standing, and also why people should vote for him he said;

“I’m standing; to stand up against our failed political establishment who consistently ignore the people.”

“I am giving Beverley St Mary’s Ward the courage for change.  It is a chance to vote for a real, fresh and credible choice. Let’s change politics for good.”

“It is an absolute disgrace that you should have to pay more council tax when investment in public services is being cut. I will stop this.”

“My skillset matches directly with what is needed in the council. I have an MSc Marketing degree alongside a business and teaching background. I’m innovative and creative.”

“For me, my main focus is a ‘Branding Beverley’ initiative. I want to use my Marketing ability to brand Beverley as a number 1 tourist destination.”

“Beverley has got a great history and it deserves to be recognised. This will ensure we get more people spending money within Beverley leading to more local jobs.”

“The message is simple. To have fresh, new and innovative ideas you must vote in a fresh new way.”

“You must have the courage for change.”

Democrats & Veterans Party Candidate Has List Of Priorities

Mr Flynn has many other priorities when it comes to the election. He wants to see crime tackled while also wanting to see more funding available to police.

He also wants to see more support the elderly while also wanting more funding in healthcare and adult social care.

Mr Flynn says he would also like to see a reduction in waiting times and more gravel on pathways in Winter to stop trip hazards.

Funding in infrastructure due to the rise in housing developments, educational services and better support also are key to his campaign.

Party’s Ethos Is About Bringing Power Back To Communities

He adds;

“My plan for the area is interconnected. We must change Beverley positively  with long term strategic thinking, not cheap campaign promises.”

“The Democrats & Veterans is a Direct Democracy Party which is about bringing power back down to local communities.”

“This is why in any decision made I will consult the electorate. I want every meeting Livestreamed in the council chamber to build transparency.

“What they say to you on the doorstep should be what they enact in office. For far too long your voice has been ignored.”

“It’s about time someone listens. St Mary’s Beverley residents I appeal to you right now – let’s have the courage for change.”

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  1. I think not making anti semitic remarks and being suspended by your party would be a good start to any manifesto.
    seriously though after the Brexit debacle i can see big changes in politics. Never before have i thought of not exercising my democratic right to vote. Having been to several countries that did not have this luxury i am saddened to what i have been driven to.

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