Blade Found On Football Pitch Prompts Reminder From Local FA

Blade Found On Football Pitch Prompts Reminder From Local FA
Blade Was Discovered On Playing Surface 

Local football teams are being urged by the East Riding Country FA to inspect pitches. The warning comes as a result of a blade was discovered on a playing surface.

says the discovery of the blade on the pitch in the East Riding just highlights the need to carry our inspections.

The object which was discovered appears to be part of a kitchen knife. Had this not been discovered the damage it could have done to a player could have been quite serious.

Pitch inspections ahead of games in local leagues are mandatory.  Objects and other things are often removed from playing surfaces to ensure player safety.

In a statement released The said;

“We would like to remind all clubs and match officials of the importance of carrying out pitch inspections.”

“This comes as result of a bladed item was found on the playing area of a football pitch in the East Riding over the weekend. “

“Although at this point it is not thought to be a malicious act the find highlights the importance of carrying out the mandatory pitch inspections prior to each fixture.”

“No player, coach or match official was injured as a result of this incident. This was because the bladed item was identified and removed prior to the game kicking off.”

“The incident has been referred to the police and extra checks at the facility have now been completed.”

Blade On East Riding Football Pitch Sees FA Call For Clubs To Be More Vigilant

Clubs and Participation Development Officer wants clubs and officials to be more vigilant,  said;

“Although an incident of this nature is very rare it is important that club and match officials carry out the necessary checks.”

“This is so that player safety can be assured to the best of their ability.”

“We would also advise clubs that use facilities which have open access to be extra vigilant.”

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