Educare Nursery Says It Was A Pleasure To Host MP

Educare Nursery Says It Was A Pleasure To Host MP

says it was a pleasure to host and show him around their facility in .

 Mr Stuart was given a tour of the Nursery on Mill Lane to see first hand the work they do and discuss their plans for the future.

Commenting on the visit  Eudcare’s David Whincup said;

“It was my pleasure to show Graham around . I’m aware that Graham takes a keen interest in pre-school education, and that he has worked to support quality nursery provision in and Holderness.”

“As such, his visit was an excellent opportunity to discuss the nursery’s plans for the future, and how they can work in harmony with the Government’s policies to deliver optimal nursery provision for local children.”

has been delivering in the town for 20 years. Mr Stuart was impressed with his visit also using as a chance to highlight the government child care policy.

Following his visit he said;

“This year marks ’s 20th birthday and I was delighted to tour the facilities and hear about how the nursery has developed over this period.”

Has Capacity Of 110 Children

“I’m impressed by the achievements and vision of the Managing Director, Mr David Whincup. Indeed, what started as a much smaller nursery, now has the capacity for 110 children.”

“The nursery has plans to continue expanding. In the recent redevelopment, a floor extension was introduced allowing for an additional room with sensory facilities.”

“While this room will be of value to all children, it is especially valuable for children with special needs demonstrating that inclusiveness is at the core of Educare’s mission.”

“The cost and difficulty of balancing work and is an issue that is frequently raised by my constituents.”

“I believe that help with should be available if parents wish to work. I feel that all children should also have the opportunity to benefit from pre-school education.”

“I’m a strong supporter of the Government’s 30-hour free policy for 3 to 4-year-olds. This policy relies on the co-operation of nurseries, for example, through creating additional capacity to deal with increased demand.”

“Educare Nursery really has gone above and beyond in educational provision for the local community.”

“Its expansion will ensure that the Government’s policy is of maximum benefit to children and parents in my constituency.”

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