Democracy In The UK Has Been Lost Says Former Police Officer

Democracy In The UK Has Been Lost Says Former Police Officer
Democracy In The UK Has Been Lost Says Former Police Officer

Democracy has in the UK has been lost, that is the view of a former policeman David Pattenden. The 70-year-old from Beverley was out in the streets making his feelings clear.

Mr Pattenden who voted to Leave the EU also fears that the UK’s failure to deliver Brexit could leave the door open to far-right radical groups.

Speaking to Mr Pattenden said;

“My protest is not about Brexit but about how it has been handled. I voted leave but had it been to remain I would have been angry but would have accepted the result.”

“I think we have lost democracy altogether which is a terrible thing for a so-called democratic country.”

has gone on record 109 times saying we will leave the EU on the 29 March. Also, 4 out of 5 MPs want to remain and they continuingly thwart the decision of the people.”

“There are a lot of people calling for a meaningful vote, implying that the first vote was meaningless.”

17.5 million people voted to leave, the biggest vote this country has ever seen. But democracy has had it and I fear the far right will take over and I do not want that.”

“If the radical groups take over then most likely violence will likely occur. Most radical groups also do not believe in democracy themselves.”

UK Parties Have Killed Democracy And Trust In The Political System

“But because our political parties have killed democracy in the country people do not trust them anymore.”

“I leant the Conservatives my vote due to the Lancaster House speech. Which I thought was brilliant. But it was one big con.”

“She then brought the latest deal and took it to over to the EU without discussing it with her cabinet and tried to sell it to British people, that is not how you negotiate.”

Mr Pattenden when asked how he felt things could be resolved, he said;

“We need to stick to what was put into the law and the result of the referendum. We should leave on the 29 March, we can trade under WTO rules. Yes, there will be some job losses there always is, but that’s the best way I think we can go.”

“I would have loved a good deal, but you cannot negotiate the way she has done it.  The biggest mistake she made was when she said we would not give ourselves an unfair advantage over the EU when we leave.  What a ridiculous thing to say.”

“Now they have also taken no deal off the table. It is like going to a car showroom and saying to the dealer, you can give me a rubbish deal but I am not leaving until you give me a car.”

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  1. Mr Pattenden was conned by David Cameron into believing that if the electorate voted Leave, that we would leave. If he had listened to those of us who were opposed to having a referendum he would have understood it was a false prospectus based on a proposal which was meant to serve the interests of the Conservative Party and not the country which is why we are in this mess. As for Labour, we’re in opposition. We don’t have power and until 2 weeks ago, were frozen out of the negotiations by Mrs May.

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