Community Food Connection Programme Serves Up Thousands Of Meals

Community Food Connection Programme Serves Up Thousands Of Meals
Community Food Connection Programme

Tesco says they are pleased to be working with local groups as they look to put their food waste to good use.

Their Community Food Connection programme is proving to be a success. As a result of the programme thousands of meals provided to local .

Supermarket giant Tesco, are using to ensure that the amount of food they discard is kept to a minimum.

As a result of an App, they are donating food to groups like the , and Charity Pre-school.

, the Community Champion at Tesco in said;

“We are pleased to be working with the , and Charity Pre-school in our Community Food Connection programme.”

“As part of our pledge to cut food waste, the scheme supports charities and community groups. This is done by linking them to our stores via an innovative app.”

“This App allows us to alert them to surplus unsold food items available at the end of each day.”

Food poverty in the East Riding continues to grow. Figures showed that locally the numbers of accessing food banks has increased by 20pc.

Support from companies like Tesco and also the public is vital to ensure of all ages including children do not go hungry.

As part of their ongoing commitment, Tesco spent time with . While there they learnt how the donated food to helping to combat food poverty in and the surrounding area.

Community Food Connection Programme Helps Tackle Food Poverty in

Tesco Development Manager said;

East Yorkshire Foodbank have been receiving donations of bread, fruit and veg, and also bakery products from Tesco .”

“They received these items of surplus food on a Sunday and Tuesday for a couple of years now.”

“The that use the foodbank are very appreciative of receiving the chance to choose items from the fresh produce when the foodbank is open on a Monday and a Wednesday.”

“Some just take a couple of items. Others that are lucky enough to own a freezer are offered larger quantities of the fresh produce so that they have an ongoing supply.”

Tesco still has space for other groups who wish to join the programme. They still have Friday and Saturday nights available for other groups to benefit from the scheme. To apply simply pop into the Tesco store on .

Since its launch in 2016, the scheme has been a fantastic success. As a result of the incentive over fourteen thousand meals have been donated in the past twelve months.

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