How To Play Slots Right

How To Play Slots Right
How To Play Slots Right

Taking risk is a very integral part of the human experience. Some people hate taking risks and some absolutely love the rush they get when they take one. Gambling is an ideal activity for the people who fall into the latter category.

Whether it’s sports betting or playing slots, the idea of taking a monitory risk just makes people happy with excitement. This has lead to the gambling industry becoming one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world and it is still evolving. The golden age of gambling is now.

Ask any passionate gamble who likes to frequent casinos what is their favourite thing to do while at one? While some will definitely say that poker and other such games are what makes them return again and again, a large majority will say only two words. Playing slots.

Slots machines have become a very integral part of the casino experience. So much that any casino that doesn’t have multiple slot machines which a proper highlighted and have its position as a real casino put to question. In fact, a casino’s success can be judged solely on just how many slot machines it has and how much it is doing to ensure that people keep on using them.

What makes this entire situation funny is that in casinos from all over the world just a few decades ago, slot machines were considered to be very ‘down market’. Back then, cards games like poker and blackjack were given all the importance and prestige by the casinos and people who played these games were treated like royalty by the casino staff. People who only played slots were treated with only passing acknowledgement and casino owners couldn’t have cared less if they ever returned.

Nowadays, slot machines have become literally the bread and butter of the casino industry, both the offline and the online one, with estimates saying that up to 70% revenue of nearly all major casinos comes from just slot machines!

The reason why so many people love to play slots is obvious. The cost of a roll is usually very affordable and the prize—which they have better chances of winning than at any other game—can range from good to a proper jackpot. But perhaps it is the fact of just how simple people think playing the slot machine is that makes them keep pulling that lever again and again.

In games like poker or blackjack—while luck does play a major part—the skill of the player can determine who ends up with all the winnings. While even 3-year-olds can play the slot machine and win a big jackpot if they are lucky enough.

Getting it Right

Or rather that is what most slot machine players wrongfully believe.

Ask any self-respecting slot machine expert who has been using them more like a free ATM rather than a gambling machine if they think playing slot machines is simple and they will tell you that playing the slots is an art and the reason they win so much is become they understand it and know how to increase their odds.

If you are wondering what you could possibly do become a real slot playing expert then this article will show you exactly how to play slot right and significantly amplify your chances of winning.

Step 1:- Find the right machines

The greatest swordsmen in the world can end up losing to a complete amateur if they have the wrong weapon. The same can be applied to playing slots. A lot of the time, the player just sits on the first machine they find available and start pushing the liver. This is a terrible mistake and unless you really have the luck of true champion it can end up costing you all your money before even an hour passed since you entered the casino.

No, take your time. Observe, see which slot machines are giving better and more frequent payouts. Chances are that there are at least one or two machines that give a payout nearly 80% or 90% of the time. Find such a machine and your odds of winning a jackpot have already gotten up significantly.

If you don’t get time once you’re inside the casino, either due to casino rules or due to a rush of other players, then do your homework beforehand. Go online, research about the casino you are going to play at, casino insiders often like to post such information online to give people a better chance of winning and smart players never miss out on these updates.

Step 2:- Control your excitement and think big picture

Just because one roll gave you a good return doesn’t mean the next one, or the next one, or the one after that will. Start slow, small jackpots happen way more often than the big ones and there is the little point in losing all your money at one roll for the large prize and ending up with nothing—as machines with bigger jackpots can cost a lot more to play.

You need to start thinking big picture if you want to honestly give yourself the title of an expert gambler. A true slot machine player’s first goal must be to get into a position where all their future rolls have to be funded by the winnings from their previous ones.

Starting with machines with low but more frequent jackpots will help you build momentum and earn the winnings that you can use to play the machines with the big prize. If you win, awesome. If you lose, not a problem, just go back to your small jackpot machine and start working on rebuilding the momentum.

This method will ensure that you rarely ever have to go home without having won at least some money and nearly extinguish your chances of ending the night with a negative balance.

Step 3:- Understand your machine

In a perfect world, true randomness would be easy to find. But the world we live in is far, far from perfect. It is debated among scientists that whether the concept of true randomness is even possible given that rule that every effect must have a cause.

If you were to gamble in a machine that was truly random then this would have been a moot point, however finding such a machine would be nearly impossible. So instead of wasting your time in search it, just find the one which seems to be lucky for you.

Try to understand the machine are playing in better than you have ever tried to understand anyone. Every machine would be unique in some way and will have its own individual rhythm. Observe how often your machine gives a reward, what kind of rewards it gives more frequently.

Once you have found the right machine and properly understood it, you can make your plays accordingly and radically increase your chances of winning to the point that observers might just start calling you a slot machine champion.

But one thing you must always remember while winning is great the primary motivator for you playing the slot has to be fun. You should never force art and playing the slots is no different. It’s easy to get frustrated and quit playing the game entirely so whenever you feel like it’s getting too much, just go home. It’s a much better option than losing your love for the game entirely.

Even champions need a break sometimes.

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