Windows Server 2019, What’s New?

Windows Server 2019, What’s New?
Windows Server 2019, What’s New?

Windows is by far the most popular operating system when it comes to desktops and personal computers.

As a result, they need to make sure that their system is always up to date with the latest technology trends. By so doing, ensuring that they meet all their client’s needs. That is why we have Windows Server 2019, with all the new tips such as how to install the best casino games app on your server and tricks.

Windows Server 2019

Just for interest’s sake, allow us to define what a Windows server is before we tell you what’s new. A Windows Server is a brand name for a group of operating systems released by Microsoft. These are different operating systems for the various Microsoft Suites.

Desktop Experience

The desktop experience with Windows 2019 has become a lot better. Just like Windows 2016, during the setup of the operating system, you have two options. These are choosing between the Server Core installations or the Server with Desktop Experience installations. Did you know that on your desktop you can install an online sports betting app and place your bets anything you want.

Improved Security

In any operating system, security is key, as there are cyber threats every day. The new Windows Server 2019 includes Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection. This feature assesses common vectors for security breaches, furthermore, it blocks and alerts you about potential malicious attacks. In all, the system is ideal for real money gamblers for whom security is a major issue.

Smaller more Efficient Containers’

The saying “bigger is better” does not work in this sense. That is because the new server from Microsoft comes with a smaller, leaner ServerCore image. This cuts the virtual machine overhead by 50%-80%. By so doing, lowering costs and improving efficiency in IT investments.

Linux Subsystem

For a decade or so, one could not separate Windows from Linux. However, this has all changed in the Windows Server 2019. This is because; the new release comes with an entire new subsystem for the operation of Linux. This subsystem has been totally optimized for Linux users, by providing a deeper layer or integration for networking, native files system storage, and security controls.

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