Beverley Man Served With Closure Notice

Beverley Man Served With Closure Notice
Man Served With Closure Notice

A man has been served with a Closure Notice in an attempt to prevent anti-social behaviour, disorder, nuisance and criminal behaviour in and around his home on in .

Officers from successfully applied for a Closure Order for 15 ,

The order was granted by District Judge Rutherford after the individual concerned conceded there was sufficient evidence to satisfy the court that serious nuisance had been or was likely to be caused to members of the public.

The terms of the order mean that 15 (including to front and rear garden of the property) and the associated out houses at the rear, will remain closed for a period of three months, until 23:59 on 30th April, 2019  prohibiting access to all persons, except the tenant his child and employees, agents or subcontractors of

If you witness anti-social behaviour in or around, or see anyone other than the tenant and his child, entering 15 , Beverley please report it by ringing 101. Anyone attending at the property would be in breach of the terms of the closure order and if convicted could face a potential jail sentence of up to 51 weeks.

are committed to working with other agencies to support the local community and would ask that anyone witnessing anti-social behaviour in the area should call us on 101 to report it. It should be noted that the issue of a closure order on any rented property is an absolute ground for the instigation of tenancy enforcement proceedings by the landlord of the property which can include eviction.

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