Jane Williams Launches Hair Room After Decades Of Working in Beverley

Jane Williams Launches Hair Room After Decades Of Working in Beverley
Launches Hair Room After Decades Of Working in

a local with over three decades of experience has made the decision to go it alone and launch the Hair Room.

Having spent over thirty years in styling both ladies and men’s hair, Janes says the time is right to take the plunge and open her own salon.

Speaking to HU17.net about new venture Jane said;

“This is a massive step for me. Having worked at the same salon for the past thirty years in the Town, I wanted to do something for me.”

“All my life I have done things for other people so wanted to do this and give running my own business a go.”

“It has taken me five months to get the business ready to open. This has been a difficult five months for me. I have been working full time and had to keep it quiet. I have had help from a couple of people who have helped me get things ready.”

Jane says remaining in was important to her as it is a town where people know of her work. Over the time she has been styling hair she got to know many people in .

Owner Of Hair Room Has Been Styling Hair All Her Life

She said;

“I wanted to be in the centre of Town. A lot of people know me in so I wanted to remain in the town centre.”

“I left school and did a YTS. I then did a management course while I am also a qualified trainer. This is a qualification keep up to date so I can train others in the profession.”

Throughout the years Jane has also seen a lot of change in the industry. She says that men are paying more attention to their appearance. Talking about those changes she said;

“Years ago men used to just have their hair cut, use a bit of wax or gel. More men are now wanting to have their hair styled and have moved away from the short back and sides.”

“Women are also having their hair styled more. When I started it used to be every six weeks or so but now they are having their hair done on a weekly basis.”

The Hair Room is located at 101 in . Opening hours will be Tuesday and Thursday 9-6, Fridays 9-7 and on Saturday from 8.30 till 4.

To make an appointment please call 01482 865074.

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