Benefits Post Office Relocation Offers Drowned Out By Political Noise

Benefits Post Office Relocation Offers Drowned Out By Political Noise
Benefits Post Office Relocation Offers Drowned Out By Political Noise

’s Crown Post Office relocation to the nearby WH Smith is not all bad news.  In fact under the proposals put forward by the post office, there are far more benefits.

Sadly it seems these benefits have been lost in all the noise being created by a small group of people.

Our local politicians are also guilty of not presenting the full argument. Instead, they are focusing on negatives and seem more concerned about getting their pictures in the newspapers.

Not only are they using this whole debacle as a photo opportunity, but they are also guilty of misleading people.

When a mass group of politicians, many of who are not even in office were put together for a photo it was clear for all to see.

Watching as they all jostled for prime position in the photo said it all.  There is a local election just weeks away.

Post Office Relocation Being Used By Politicians As Photo Opps

That photo will no doubt appear time and time again in other media outlets, however, you will not see it on, and for good reason.

To understand the proposal being put forward by the Post Office you have to switch off all the political noise. You need to get away from the spin that is being created.

The fact of the matter is the Post Office in Beverley will close. No matter how many people sign a petition or how many councillors puff out their chests. It will close.

Once you are able to accept that you can look at what is being offered to the people of Beverley, and it is actually a very good proposal.

If all goes to plan then in June this year Beverley will have a Post Office that has longer opening hours. It will be open all day Saturday and also on a Sunday.

The new service will also most likely be open on Public Holidays. This would mean you can go and send your post on Bank Holidays – something you simply cannot do as it stands.

The Post Office has also committed to changing the WH Smith layout. They will make it more user-friendly. They are installing counters making it easier for people who use wheelchairs.

As for the services they are promising to deliver everything you can do now and also more.

Moving to WH Smith will also mean the service is right the middle of the high street. Not tucked away down a side street. The argument of parking is an invalid one too. There are disabled parking spaces within yards of the new site while for most people nothing will change.

Post Office Relocation Will Bring Longer Opening Hours & Enhanced Services

The CWU says that Post Offices help high streets. They are right. So having a Post Office that is open seven days a week will, therefore, help Beverley’s high street.

I am yet to meet a politician either serving or one who is hoping to be elected that has seemed capable of grasping this concept.  

Instead, they are all kicking this can down the road. They seem intent on filling people’s heads with nostalgic notions that Beverley’s Crown Post Office can be saved. It can not, the decision has been made.

The Conservative Party, The Labour Party, The Liberal Democrats all support or have supported the downsizing of the Postal service, and for good reason. It costs the public millions each year in subsidies.

What is being proposed in Beverley makes sense. It is a progressive move that will ensure the town has access to a full range of services with enhanced benefits.

Unlike our MP and plethora of local politicians, I feel people should support the proposals being put forward by the Post Office.

Having a service that is open seven days a week will help Beverley’s high street flourish. It will also help make the proposition in the town a more attractive option.

While you may not agree with this opinion the numbers seem to suggest it is one that is not too unpopular. A little over 1pc of our town’s population have expressed a view opposing the decision.

What I will say is that the trade unions are right, Beverley does deserve a post office.  But I think for most people it makes no odds if that is a service run by WH Smith or the state.

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