Scale Lane Bridge To Carry Inspirational Messages For Young People

Scale Lane Bridge To Carry Inspirational Messages For Young People
Scale Lane Bridge

Scale Lane Bridge in ’s Old Town is to feature Inspirational messages and poems. The messages will appear as part of the mental health campaign ‘you are not alone’ by HeadStart Hull.

It is hoped through art, it will help challenge the stigma associated with mental health and suicide.

Scale Lane Bridge has been picked as the final location for installation. It was selected by young volunteers from HeadStart who are behind the scheme.

can be a difficult time for many different reasons and when people can feel isolated and lonely. They also want reassure young people that they are not alone and that there is help out there.

says they are very proud of what the young people in the city have achieved. They also say they are keen to work with them on future projects.

Speaking about the project said;

“The ‘you are not alone’ campaign has been hugely powerful. It has reached out a hand of support to young people who may be struggling.”

“It reassures them that there is help available and they do not have to cope with life’s challenges on their own.”

“Building young people’s resilience and mental well-being is an integral part of HeadStart .”

“It also ensures they have the best possible chance to succeed.”

Scale Lane Bridge Identified As Key Landmark By HedStart

The was also one of the many landmarks in the city to have featured in the campaign. For the next month in the Old Town at Scale Lane Bridge.

HeadStart is a five-year national programme funded by the Big Lottery Fund, from which has secured £7.8 million.

Charities like the Samaritans say that while suicide is in decline, they are seeing more young people take their own lives.

HeadStart Hull aims to enable children and young people to have positive mental health and wellbeing. Also, they want to help young people thrive in their communities and bounce back from challenges life throws at them.

It is hoped that through incentives like this they can reducing stigma and also encourage people to get help.

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