Dr Tom Milligan Scoops Top Award For Approach To Healthcare

Dr Tom Milligan Scoops Top Award For Approach To Healthcare
Dr Tom Milligan Scoops Top Award For Approach To Healthcare

East Riding of Yorkshire CCG is delighted that GP Dr Tom Milligan won the General Practice Healthcare Leader of the Year Award 2018.

The award recognises those who have helped to deliver results and steer change within their local health economy.

Dr Tom Milligan is Primary Care Lead for the CCG. He is a GP at the Practice One Medical Practice in with over 5,800 patients.

As with many GP Practices nationally, Practice One also faces a number of challenges including a shortage of GPs.

Dr Tom Milligan works hard at developing innovative approaches. By doing so he is helping his practice survive and thrive.

Dr Milligan has increased the speed in which prescription requests are processed. He has also decreased the did not attend rates by 26%.

Dr Milligan has a passion for and understanding of systems thinking that he has shared widely. His ability to communicate with diverse audiences while inspiring others to learn, share and adapt means all partners in the East Riding of Yorkshire can benefit.

Dr Tom Milligan Delighted With Award

Dr Tom Milligan said;

“I’m delighted that the ideas I have shared on working more efficiently have been recognised nationally. We have together shown a blueprint for a new way of working which can improve patient care.”

“My work on change management allowed me to see a pattern which the current system of medicine hides. That is that system efficiency can be best harnessed from the bottom-up with managers acting to better support the innovations of clinicians and administrators and not the other way around.”

Having worked with NHS Improvement at a Time to Care event he has co-designed a series of whole practice team learning events to provide knowledge skills and support in all East Riding practices.


The CCG said they were thrilled for Dr Milliagan. They also said the award was a testament to his dedication. Furthermore,  they note his efforts help staff and improve patient health outcomes.

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