Tourism in Hull is Worth Over £300 Million To The Local Economy

Tourism in Hull is Worth Over £300 Million To The Local Economy
in Worth Over £300 Million To The Local Economy

A report produced by Visit and East Yorkshire claims that in the city in 2018 was worth more than £300M.

The report also indicates that the city is capitalising on the growth seen in the sector. Over the past decade, the revenues generated by visitors has continued to grow.

Furthermore, when compared directly to other cities is performance is unprecedented.

Councillor Dave Craker, the portfolio holder for culture and welcomed the news. He adds thanks to the city is also benefiting with job creation.

he said;

“The city has seen unprecedented growth in both visitor numbers and visitor spend. This is continuing the trend of ’s visitor economy that is growing year on year over the last 10 years.”

“I am pleased to see that the sector has seen a significant rise in real jobs. This sector now employs 6,735 people.”

“The also report shows that is positioning itself as a world-class visitor destination.”

Figures show that in 2017 6.2 million people went to Hull, an increase of over half a million on the previous year. While those who stayed over increased by just over 15pc.

While in the city the report claims that £313 million was spent by visitors, an increase of £68 million over a five year period.

Boosted By City of Culture Status

No doubt Hull being named the UK City of Culture in 2017 has helped the city in attracting new people. As a result of the title, numerous projects in the city promoted the many visitor attractions.

While it also gave Hull an opportunity to show its cultural side on a global stage.

Many projects have continued throughout the city. Local artists have continued to create galleries of street art, and even Banksy has left his mark on the city. 

Business leaders in the city also welcomed the news, saying that it goes to show Hull is not only fast becoming a destination but is also a great city to live and work in.

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