Why MP Graham Stuart Should Not Support The Draft Brexit Proposal

Why MP Graham Stuart Should Not Support The Draft Brexit Proposal
Why MP Should Not Support The Draft Brexit Proposal

MP Graham Stuart should not support the UK’s draft Brexit agreement with the EU when it finally goes to a vote in Parliament.

As a region, a little over 60pc of the population voted to leave the EU in the referendum that was held in June 2016.

Following the release of the 500-page document, those who wanted to leave the EU are not happy.

For this reason, when MPs are asked to vote on the motion in the Houses of Parliament he should follow the will of his constituents and reject the agreement.

Those who supported leave have made it clear this Brexit proposal is not what the nation voted for. Given that politicians have been telling us since the referendum that result was the will he of the people then Mr Stuart should clearly not support this proposal.

Furthermore, the proposal that put forward which was approved by her cabinet does very little to cut ties with Brussels.

When Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator spoke the world’s media on Monday night he looked positively delighted with UK’s proposal.

There were some interesting points he touched on. Points that our own politicians seemed to have conveniently left out as they battle for airtime on the news.

One of those was the issue if EU and UK citizens living outside of their native country. Mr Barnier in his statement pointed out that those living in other member states would be allowed to stay.

He added they would be able to stay for their lifetime and also that their family members could join them.

Brexit Proposal Is Not What This Region Voted For

Given that most people when asked who voted leave said they wanted an end to ‘foreigners’ coming to the UK. Therefore this proposal must be a real kick in the teeth.

As Mrs May prepares for what will no doubt be a testing day in Parliment she is also faced with watching her team crumble.

At the time of writing this two have already quit their post in protest at the proposed agreement.

First to go was a Junior Minister Northern Ireland Shailesh Vara who feels the deal leaves the UK as nothing more than a halfway house.

Then less then three hours the Brexit Minister himself, Dominic Raab walked out.

I think when it does go to the vote Mr Stuart will support the government’s proposal. That said to do so would be selling the majority of his constituents who voted leave short.

This is because what is being put on the table is not what those who wanted to leave EU voted for.

They are of course some positives for those in that want to remain in the EU. This deal pretty much keeps us joined at the hip with Brussels. 

The fairest thing that can happen now is the country goes back to the polls and we have another general election. We need strong leadership at this crucial time, something the current administration can clearly not offer. 

Until we get to that point, our MP has an obligation to 60pc and should reject this Brexit Proposal.

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  1. I completely disagree. The nation voted very closely ok no this. We are divided almost in half. The prime minister has tried to broker the best deal she can to protect jobs and businesses. Graham, please support the deal

  2. Theresa May has done her best to achive the best brexit withdrawal agreement available. It’s a compromise, yes, but one which the party should get behind as it provides much of what those who voted for Brexit were wanting. The alternative options are a ‘peoples vote’ which would very likely result in a mandate for remaining in the EU or the UK crashing out of EU and a recession the like of which we’ve not seen in half a century. Project fear? No, project get real.

  3. This is a treasonous and appalling deal, in fact it is simple not a deal and not Brexit!
    Out now, not a penny piece and WTO all the way please!

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