Beverley Beavers U10s Participate In Latest Rugby Festival

Beverley Beavers U10s Participate In Latest Rugby Festival
Beavers U10s Participate In Latest Rugby Festival

Another day and another festival for Beavers u10 squad. On this occasion, Ionians were the hosts. Opposition was provided by Doncaster, , Grimsby and the hosts themselves.

The day was damp and dreary but the rugby certainly was not! The initial game required input from the referee regarding the rucking rule for this age.

Once a child gets tackled the opposition can compete for the ball but each team is only allowed one person per team to go into that tackle plus whoever has been tackled or whoever has done the tackling.

Early on the children crowded over the tackle but after some reminders of the ‘rucking’ technique. applied the ‘Spiderman’ skills veteran coach Mike Baker had shared with them during training. There were excellent demonstrations of the technique provided by Flynn Harwood and Will Ashton. 

By the second game, the team had settled down and shown organisation in defence and courage in tackling and winning possession of the ball. Will Aspin, Freddie Walton, and Henry Stephenson dug in and pushed forward dragging the opposition after them.

Support came from an alert and opportunistic James Hebb, while Josh Blamires and Joel Hardy. Alex Gorman took advantage of the gaps and secured results with a mix of dexterity and a solid ball in hand work.

‘Player of the day’ went to new boy Charlie Topham who took on board referee feedback and committed everything to execute safe strong tackles and exploited every opportunity to give the advantage.

 If you have a child who would like to give rugby a go all details are available at

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