Giant Poppies : Why They Are Appearing All Over Beverley

Giant Poppies : Why They Are Appearing All Over Beverley
Giant Poppies : Why They Are Appearing All Over

Giant Poppies have been installed by Town Council. Attached to lampposts and benches they are hard to miss.

The poppies are being placed along the entire route that the Parade will follow on this weekend on Remembrance Sunday.

Part of an incentive to ‘Paint the Town Red’ just over 100 poppies have been installed by volunteers for the Town Council.

Town Clerk says that the poppies will remind in place for a week and have been put up to show the towns support to the Armed Forces.

Sunday will see and towns and cities throughout the UK pause to remember those who have lost their lives while serving.

This year also has the added significance that it marks the 100th anniversary of the signing on the Armistice.  

Town Council has certainly put a great deal of effort into marking the anniversary. From commissioning mural through to special planters it is fair to say they have done the town proud.

The Great War Remembered Concert took place in Minster earlier in the month raised hundreds of pounds for charity.

Helen thanked everyone for their support, she said;

“A total of £636 was raised for the local . We would like all the performers and those who supported the event.”

“Everyone was very pleased with the turnout at and would also like to thank everyone for their donations.”

Giant Poppies Pay Tribute To Those Who Have Served In The Armed Forces

Cllr commenting on the work undertaken by the town council to commemorate people from the town who served said;

have worked collaboratively with local organisations. Also, we have worked with artists on various works to remember the fallen of Beverley.

“We did this to say thank you, to those people who gave their lives, so we could live, they  will never be forgotten.”

“We will remember them always.”  

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